Wife's Sister بیوی کی بہن

Wife's Sister بیوی کی بہن

We all know that the word "sally" is used in our society for the wife's sister ... although the word does not seem appropriate but we start talking with the same name ... usually the elder sisters of the wife are married and Even if they are unmarried, with time comes seriousness and tolerance in nature ... while the younger sisters of the wife are at that stage of life when every aspect of life seems beautiful and every turn is charming. In such a case, the marriage of the sister and the relationship of a new person, i.e. the brother-in-law, to the house also has a unique color. Due to the general trend of the society, the younger ones usually talk to their brother-in-law in a humorous manner. She also takes good care of her sister-in-law. Whenever she has to go to her mother's house, she often gives her full time to save her sister and brother-in-law from boredom. Now let's talk about the man's side. There is a popular saying in our society. Sally. When he sits among his dear friends, a strange smile appears on his face in the name of the younger ones. Friends also help to deepen this smile with meaningful sentences ..... this fact is strangely true but it is present in the society anyway ..... their years are often known from this aspect of their brother-in-law ..... Now let's look at this aspect from the point of view of Islam. From the point of view of Islam, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There is a shar'i veil ... brother-in-law, Sally is a non-mahram and due to her occasional presence inside the house, great care is required in this veil ... this is a fact that even the girl's parents would have kept their eyes closed. Most of the brothers-in-law also consider this veil as their disgrace ... and for years they just look at it with the thought "our brother-in-law is like our brother" ... and this is the dangerous limit of Milan's brother-in-law. Besides, no one will know ... and that brother-in-law will never tell his wife about this inclination ... It is such a silent poison that either the man is aware of it or the essence of Allah Almighty is in his heart. She knows the situation ... Men do not have the strength of faith to admit their actions ... God! Don't fall into this test ... Yards from the wife's parents I urge you to make your other daughters wear the sharia veil from the son-in-law ... the sisters of the wife are requested to stay behind themselves so that the brother-in-law may believe that my years are hesitant and shy ... and the request to the men That is to say, do not deal with this kinship relationship for free and have a merciless heart and avoid cultivating vile and vain desires in your heart.

These relationships are becoming common not only in Sally's brother-in-law but also in pure relationships like brother-in-law, aunt, nephew, aunt, nephew, etc. This is the reason why quarrels have increased in the house. It leads to murders and families are destroyed. Some people can't digest my words but they can't avoid facing the truth. You will continue to read such news in the newspapers every day.

May Allah Almighty make us aware of the reality of this subtle issue. Amen. 🔴 Note: You can also benefit from this message and share it with your friends. Maybe your share will improve someone and charity for you. Become current

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