رشتوں کے زخم Relationship Wounds


رشتوں کے زخم Relationship Wounds

Bloody relationship or no one else asks so don't expect this world is where the world is drawn to. There were tears in her eyes when she heard my words. I didn't want her to cry on the occasion of happiness. "She was OK. She changed her subject.

I used to get angry at such people from time to time. Of course there is a time of chaos but a person is in trouble. If his nights are spent in trouble, then he should be relieved. This life is only a few days. Take care of their sufferings. Bilqis Riaz

I met an old lady at the wedding, she slapped me and I sat next to her. She was very happy to see me. And she had been saying for a long time that I wanted to come to see you. "Why are you all right?"

"By the beauty of Allah, it is okay. Truth be told, you understand what a lady's life resembles in Beogi. I have been watching the colors of the world for fifteen years. God willing, the children have now grown up. There is no shortage. The children were very young and I was also young, you can be sure that trouble breaks. He knows, God willing, three brothers, one sister and a widowed mother. Mother's kindness encourages me, but so much There are close relatives, they don't care at all that she has become a widow, she is helpless. Help her. Husband is the roof of the house. Also, if the rooftop tumbles from the house, discover what befalls a lady.Our society only worships the rising sun. I did not remarry for the sake of my children, in a sense I have done well. Otherwise, my children would not have got good positions by reading and writing today. I have a son and a daughter. The time has come for weddings. When I was very worried and wanted my siblings to help me, but on the one hand, they sometimes met like strangers. Today, when the children have grown up, my son is taking care of everything. If he has a house and aisles, then I will say that those luxuries cannot alleviate your sorrows, the sorrows have to be borne by man himself. ”

I tuned in to him and he answered. Express gratitude toward God all the solaces were there. In the event that you didn't have any methods for living, you can't envision the number of troubles you would confront. At this moment you have everything. In the event that you don't have a wellspring of occupation, I advise you with certainty that nobody would help you back then. No one should have helped you financially. Now they know. There is no need for you and they say salam dua in a good way otherwise your life would have been indigestible. That was far away when the neighbor knew that our neighbor was in trouble and as a neighbor He would help and sympathize. In the same way, siblings would share each other's sorrows, but today it has just turned out to be a bloody relationship or no one else asks, so don't expect this world to be what it means. Pulling goes there. It doesn't mean that even if your siblings are there, they avoid going there, but one thing I must say, of course, is the world of purpose, but still with us. In Shari'a, people have high status and elegance. Some people meet each other only with sincere love and devotion.

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