کھرپوچو کا بہترین نظارہ The Best View Of Kharpocho

کھرپوچو کا بہترین نظارہ The Best View Of Kharpocho

In Balti language, "Khar" means the fort and "Pocho" or "Pochi" means the highest. In other words, Khar Pocho is the fortress of Skardu which is also called the forehead of Skardu. The fort is built on the top of a hill called Khar Dong and can be seen everywhere in Skardu. To reach the gate of the castle, one has to do rock climbing regularly along the way, relying on the stars. This was a trivial matter for Irfan.

 As soon as I reached the gate, my breath swelled. The gate of the fort is made of wood and it is beautifully painted on it. When Nusrat knocked for a long time, the gate opened, and in one of the pits of the gate a small sub-window opened which was about three feet above the ground. We went through this window a little crooked. "What's the use of this window?"

Residents of the fort will not enter "I asked Nusrat. "This window is made in Dogra Raj, sir." This is the manner by which their work is finished ”“ Dogra Raj? I have heard that this fort is Maqpoon ... ”Irfan wanted to say something. "You heard right, sir." Nusrat interrupted him. ".Maqpoon's post was torched by the Dogra armed force. This building is built on its rubble. The watchman greeted. He was an old man and his appearance was a sign of hardship and poverty. Irfan offered him a fifty rupee note and his face lit up. The gate opens into a doorway-like room. The front door of this room opens into another room in which the watchman resides. The entire Skardu can be seen from the windows of the fort's defensive walls and the defensive importance of the fort can be assessed. The bullets fired can wipe out the largest army. There is a small window in the eastern part of the wall from which the beautiful and universal view of the Indus River looks like a masterpiece by a nature artist. Nusrat brought us to the building in the middle of the central part. ".Maqpoon's post was burnt by the Dogra furnished power. "Who is this Sahib?" Irfan asked while inspecting the mosque. "He was the famous king of Skardu. The present Raja is of his lineage. "The current Raja Maqpoon is a descendant of Ibrahim," I corrected. He was the first king. Bukha was also of his lineage. ”“ Which king was Bukha? And when will this mosque be built? ”“ You can tell by looking at the genealogy. Did we bring the genealogy, sir? ”“ Where will the genealogy come from here? ”“ The watchman has it, sir. We bring it now. ”He ran regularly towards the watchman's room. "Friend Irfan, I think he is showing such diligence to impress you. If possible, take him with you as a guide. ”I recommended Nusrat. Irfan replied casually. Nusrat returned with a framed genealogy in his hand. The first name in the genealogy is Maqpoon Ibrahim whose reign is shown from 1190 to 1220. Regardless of the giant Malay story, most historians are convinced that it was the Egyptian or Iranian expedition that led the prince to Baltistan via Kashmir on a whirlwind tour. Impressed by his intelligence and bravery, the Raja gave him his army. He appointed Salar and married his only daughter Shugri to him and made him the crown prince. Maqpoon in Balti language is called Ghar son-in-law, so Ibrahim came to be called Maqpoon Ibrahim. There is also an idea that Maqpoon is called General Whatever the meaning. Maqpoon Ibrahim is said to be the founder of the Maqpoon Empire. The tenth and Bukha was the eleventh Maqpoon Raja whose reign was written from 1490 to 1515. After Bukha is Sher Shah which is clearly a Muslim name and after that all the names are Muslim. Ali Sher Khan Inchin's name is on the fifteenth. Ahmad Shah Maqpoon was the 24th and last powerful Raja of Skardu who ruled from 1800 to 1870. The Dogras overthrew his rule and occupied Skardu which lasted till 14th August 1947. The present "Raja" of Skardu. His name is Raja Jalal Hussain Khan who would have been the 31st Raja of Skardu but the situation has made him a councilor of Skardu. If the fort mosque was built by Bukha then we were looking at a five hundred year old mosque. This mosque is a rectangular hall. The roof of the wooden planks is supported by wooden pillars. The floor is also made of wooden planks on which the window was laid but the traces of the regular congregation were missing. ...

کھرپوچو کا بہترین نظارہ The Best View Of Kharpocho

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