زرا نہیں پورا سوچیے صاحب۔مرد کیا ھوتا ھےإ Don't Even Think About It, Sir. What Is A Man

زرا نہیں پورا سوچیے صاحب۔مرد کیا ھوتا ھےإ Don't Even Think About It, Sir. What Is A Man

Someone asked me if a man is a beast. What is your opinion?

The girl was sitting in the diamond market asking me questions

I was awesome

Then he put his hand on her head

Sister, I don't know what crime you are serving in this hell

Or maybe he is being punished for being innocent

But remember, being a real man is invaluable

A man can never be a murderer of a woman

A man can never give a woman tears of sorrow

If there is a father, he gets old while collecting dowry for his daughter

If he is a brother, he becomes a protector

Being a husband becomes life

The man is sympathetic to the woman in all circumstances

The young lady stated, "Persia can't be occupied by your promise."

I took it with me

Arrived at a hospital

I was going to see a friend there

So I thought I'd go to the hospital to visit a friend

The girl was also with him when he reached the hospital

Life saw a strange scene

A man was holding a girl in his arms and talking to her

I got a little closer

Then some interesting things started to be heard

Why are you worried

Take care of my daughter

They were both married

Both of his wife's kidneys were damaged and she was on the verge of death

The husband said lovingly, "Why are you upset with Nimrah?"

I will not let anything happen to you

Wife, just smile a little, Qamar

What will you do for me?

That's when the doctor came

You haven't gone at this point, the spouse of the young lady whose name was Qamar 

Taking a gander at the specialist, Dr. Dad Ji said

I have managed the money. You operate on my wife

The doctor said you managed the kidney

Qamar began to say, Dr. Sahib

I will give a kidney to my wife

The doctor spoke angrily

You have gone mad. Let's see your health. We can't risk your life

After saying that, the doctor left

Qamar looked like a village pando

He laid his wife on the ground

John, wait here, I'll be right back

That girl and I were both watching the scene

Qamar went to the doctor

Dr. Pa Ji said meeting the eyes

If my husband died, I would die too

That's not my fault

Dr. Paaji, you had asked for Rs. 2 million

I sold my house

That's a total of 2.1 million

I don't need any money, just for God's sake, save my score

We also have a little daughter

Dr. Paaji, she is in pain, so I am dying

I break your legs

Put one of my kidneys on my wife

The doctor said you could die

Hi Persia, this companion husband has sacrificed his loyalty

He said, "Dr. Pa Ji, if my life can be saved from my death, then let me die."

Oh, this pure love of man, this loyalty

This love this journey with this

The doctor kept forbidding

I went ahead and introduced myself to the doctor. I am Prince of Persia. You operate on him. Allah will not allow such love to happen.

The diamond market girl was with me

The doctor said yes, he will have an operation tonight

He kept his wife's head in his lap, sometimes kissing her forehead and sometimes his hands

Nimrah Dr. Pa Ji is saying you will be fine

Look, like before, we will go to eat Rs

I will also bring you gossips from Uncle Akbar's hut

You will be fine as before

Nimrah grabbed Qamar's hand tightly

Qamar, why are you sacrificing yourself for me?

Let me die you


Qamar kissed Nimrah's eyes. This life is with you. Nimrah is yours, so don't take a breath.

It's time for the operation

I was there too

The girl was with him

Qamar was standing alone in the garden crying

I don't know who he was talking to

If I die, give my wife as much money as I can

Then called someone else

Uncle, I love to put my hand on the head of my daughter and wife. If something happens to me, don't let me spend too much on my death.

The tears were wiped away and the old clothes were worn

Poor poverty was evident

Nimrah's chest cried a lot and I encouraged her

The operation began

The operation lasted for 6 hours

The doctors were waiting for him to regain consciousness

The next day it was 2 o'clock

Nimrah opened her eyes. We were very happy that the operation had been successful

The first name Nimrah called was Qamar

Where is my moon

Nimrah's eyes just wanted to see the moon

Qamar had not yet regained consciousness

It was 4 o'clock when Qamar opened his eyes. We were very happy. Qamar asked the first question

We brought Qamar to Nimrah

Both were alive and well by the grace of Allah

Qamar kissed Nimrah's hand. The doctors began to say that Allah has performed a miracle

Who says love is true here, Allah showers mercy there

I told this girl from the diamond market

This is what men call men

Who even fought to the death for his companion

The girl said with tears in her eyes then why did she divorce me

I spoke softly

A man can never hurt a woman

And men who divorce play in the name of love

They abuse, they slap, they are not men, they are impotent

And in our language, the immortal is called a shemale

It cannot be the son of a halal mother and the life of a princess is hell

If men become like Qamar, unfaithful and loving, then by God, every woman will be pure and faithful.

Love is like the moon, it settles in every breath

Peek into your collar

How much you love your wife

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