KGF Chapter 2 Teaser Review In Pakistan

KGF Chapter 2 Teaser Review

KGF chapter 1 was really awesome my brother told me to watch it and after i watch the movie it was really a heart touching story.! I watch during the lockdown and i guess I’ve watch more than 5 times as the movie was really good moreover the song so i watch & watch and i really enjoyed it’s a satisfying movie.! 🎥 And i always keep on asking my brother when chapter 2 will be released? He laugh and said how will i know am i the director/producer??? 😄 And finally my brother just told me yesterday that your KGF chapter 2 teaser is going to release on 8 of January after hearing that i was so happy I’m so excited to watch the chapter 2.! Lot’s of Love From : Nagaland 🤍 I loved this film so much ❤ it's one of the best film I have watched. This film gave me inspiration.Since in the film our darling saint Yash as Rocky is so running 😎😘. What's more, the best explanation behind me is that in this film one little kid battle against the world for the POWER and WEALTH isolated 😔 to stay faithful to his obligation which he provided for his mom ❤. A companion of mine prescribed me to watch the film. he said and I quote his words" its has amazing action and good plot which is supported by yash, the actor strong screen presence but good background music to make the viewer engaged in the scene", this k.g.f chapter 1 concept if not taken by john wich concept it's equally good. I hope the whole team put more effort in the coming chapters as now the expectation are really high. team K.G.F finally a movie I have enjoyed after many a time Highly recommended movie !! Chapter 1 has crossed its benchmark, level of expectations from chapter 2 is too high, Absolutely stunning and full of dedication performance given by the leading actor Yashji 🙏🏻 Awaiting ....and pretty much curious to watch Yashji and Sanjayji in the next sequel. All the best wishes for the up-coming boom💥 This is not a film it's my emotion. the first part dialogues,emotions,actions everything was superb. after the declaration of Sanju Babe as adheera I can hardly wait to watch this film. so please bring it as much as you can please. Believe me or not the first part was the best movie in India's history and the second part will beat the first part so I am waiting bring it fast🙏🙏🙏🙏 If u r searching for suspencefull, thrill and powerful movies with the best scencs, direction, camera effects and music then the best movie to watch is KGF CHAPTER 1. I'll suggest u to watch ch-1 first,then I challenge u will become a of the movie and the actor. I can keep on telling u about it. Everything is just perfect. But, why did they give Sanjay Dutt a Vikings look?? They must've done something else for his look. He is not likely to be perfect in this role. I love Vikings. The style of their talking can't be matched by these fake artists. They should have taken Bahubali's Villain instead of Sanjay Dutt. Was this review helpful to you?

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