پرسرار_لوگوں_کی_داستان The Story Of The Mysterious People

پرسرار_لوگوں_کی_داستان The Story Of The Mysterious People

It was late at night and I was sitting in my room reading a novel.
There was sleep that did not take the name of coming.
I was very interested in novels, magazines and books. I used to read this novel in my free time in which strange events were written which made me happy all the time.
Everyone in the house used to say, "Do you keep reading these useless books? I used to say, 'Nothing. I read just to pass the time.'
Well, these things happen to everyone who does it.
That night I was reading a story in which there was a mention of giants. After reading a little novel, I had to be completely engrossed in it.
I was sitting in my chair reading as well as puffing on a light cigarette. In the cold, just cigarettes and tea are good friends. The tea I didn't know how to make was just having to spend with cigarettes.
The cold was getting worse. I closed the door and the window but I was having trouble breathing because of the smoke in the room. I stood up and opened the window.
Then I breathed a sigh of relief and then sat down on the chair and started the novel. As I was reading the novel, my anxiety to read further increased.
The story was getting very interesting. Anyway, the stories of the giants are both fun and scary.
I was having fun, then the restlessness was increasing, but I was not getting any relief due to the cold. I thought of closing the window again. I had just placed the novel on the table when suddenly the light went out. As soon as he started closing the window, he saw some people entering the house in front without opening the door, even though the house had been locked for a long time, then suddenly where did these people come from.
I thought that maybe the eyes could be deceived but no. I looked carefully. There were six people. As soon as I saw them, they had all entered the inner part. I closed the window and lay back on my bed. Now it is dark in the room. I was reading the story of the jinn from above. Now I have to give and take. Well, I took the blanket upstairs. I am reciting the verse. I fell asleep. I went to bed in the morning. After washing my hands and having breakfast, I went up to the roof of my house to smoke a cigarette.
Quickly quit smoking, he came back to his grandmother and sat down. He pressed his feet and asked the same grandmother how long the house in front of him has been empty. Grandmother looked at me and said why do you have to do this? I do not know when the house has been empty.
I felt like Grandma was hiding something. Well, at that time I didn't insist much, but in my heart I was daring to ask.
Grandma was also starting to have breakfast. I went out and asked her to take a deep breath.
Two or three days passed. One night they were all eating together. After eating, they all went to their rooms. Grandmother also went to her room. I also went to the room with her. ; I asked the same thing.

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