Guidance Of A Good Wife And Husband نیـک بیـوی اور شـوہر کـی ھـدایت


Guidance Of A Good Wife And Husband نیـک بیـوی اور شـوہر کـی ھـدایت

A man brutally beat his wife in front of her children, causing the children to cry in fear. Seeing this condition of the children, the mother became sad. As soon as her husband hit her on the face, she started crying and said that she was crying because of the children.

And then suddenly he said ...

I will go and complain to you ...

Husband: Who told you that I will let you go out ...

Wife: Do you think that you have closed all the doors of communication including doors and windows? That is why you will stop me from complaining.

Husband: What will you do with extreme surprise? ...

Wife: I will contact ...

Husband: I have all your mobile phones, now do whatever you want.

As the wife leaped towards the bathroom, the husband realized that she might try to run away from the bathroom window, so the husband ran and hurriedly stood by the window outside the bathroom and waited, when the husband saw that the woman Not trying to get out at all, he came back in and stood by the bathroom door waiting for her to get out.

When she came out of the bath, her face was wet with ablution water and she had a very sweet smile on her lips.

The wife said: I will only complain to you whose name you swear that nothing can stop me from your closed windows, including your locked doors and confiscation of mobile phones, and its doors never close. ۔

The husband turned around and sat down on the chair and quietly sank into deep thought.

Going inside, the wife offered prayers and prostrated for a long time. The husband was sitting and watching all this.

When she finished praying and started raising her hands for prayers in the court of Yazdi, her husband leaned towards her and grabbed her hands.

And he said that the curses made for me in prostration are not enough ??

The woman said in a passionate tone, "Do you think that even after all that you have done to me, I will put my hands down so soon ?!"

Husband: By God! ...

All this has happened to me in anger, I did not do it on purpose.

Wife: That's why I can't stop praying for you. I was cursing for the devil who made you angry, I am not stupid enough to curse my husband and spouse ...

Hearing this, tears welled up in the eyes of the husband and he kissed his wife's hand and said: I promise you today I will never touch you with evil intent.

This is the virtuous wife about whom Allah and His Messenger insisted on goodwill.

Be theirs, they will be yours… !!!

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