Zakh Ban rally in Skardu to promote winter tourism

Zakh Ban rally in Skardu to promote winter tourism

The second Zakh rally was organized from Gulabpur village, about 60 km from Skardu in Shagar district of Gilgit-Baltistan, under the auspices of Shagar district administration and Gulabpur Adventure Club.

A total of 300 people participated in the rally. Different types of charms were prepared in it.

A zakh is a local boat made by joining several muskets. In ancient times the river was crossed by means of zakhs, with the passage of time the process of making zakhs became obsolete. A zakh used to be made by mixing at least six muskets, but with the passage of time, we now make a zakh by filling a tractor tire with air.

In order to keep this ancient cultural heritage of Baltistan alive, Zakh Rally competition is being organized in To River and Bashe River to promote regional culture and winter sports since last year.

Talking to Independent Urdu, Adventure Gulabpur Wazirpur Chairman Zulfikar Ali Shagri said that 'As you know this is Zakh rally. In our olden days Zakh was used as transport. This method was long overdue. To revive it the conscious youth of Gulabpur and Wazirpur have started giving it another unique name, in which we started this event last year to promote winter tourism. Its purpose was to go with the theme of winter tourism.

He said that this time it snowed early and they are also looking at the mountains. It has snowed. Currently we have around 50 teams with 300 hundred people. Today, they will travel 45 km to 55 km and end at Shagar Gyahang. This rally will have a significant impact on Gilgit-Baltistan sugar tourism. At present we have four seasons so there were not many opportunities in winter so many people would head to Murree. We are organizing a program of sports and events to promote winter tourism here.

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