A strange village in Assam

A strange village in Assam

Haider. Attempts are made to kill the rat on sight, but there is a place where rat meat and curry are preferred and eaten with gusto. According to reports from the village of Kumarikatta in India's north-eastern state of Assam, large numbers of rats are caught at night to eat a special dish made from their meat, and the locals enjoy it every week. Go to the market of this village. The market takes place every Sunday in the village of Kata, where the farmers bring the rats from the local farms and vendors to the market to first skin and then skin them into a spicy broth. Also avoid dishes made from chicken or other detestable meats. Farmers in Kumarikatta in the Indian state of Assam, which borders Bhutan, are raided by rats because, on the one hand, the animal can damage their crops and thus earn them extra money. Most of the customers are the poor and the so called Adivasis who work in the plantations of Assam. Rat meat is also sold raw in this area and its price is Rs 200 per kg. Strange thing is that you get the same price per kg for local chicken and pork.

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