Nuclear neighbors who put the budget of life to death ایٹمی پڑوسی جو زندگی کے بجٹ کو موت کے گھاٹ اتار دیتے ہیں

Nuclear neighbors who put the budget of life to death ایٹمی پڑوسی جو زندگی کے بجٹ کو موت کے گھاٹ اتار دیتے ہیں

India and Pakistan have more than one means of subsistence. They have cannons and rifles, arrows and swords, swords, planes and ammunition which they do not have. In the seventy years of warfare, sometimes one claimed the lead and sometimes the other gave speeches of domination. What are the references to victory and determination that are not present in their textbooks, stories and films? When the time came, it became clear that this competition had been going on for fifty years in distributing death alms. In the test of life, when it came to breathing, they did not have oxygen cylinders or ventilators to give to human beings.

The problem is that caregivers rushing to Indo-Pak hospitals will not recognize the fact that the crisis of breath in the market has arisen because the budget for life here has been put to death. By spending huge sums of money, their breath was taken away just to increase death. Now these breaths are being called back as a picture of helplessness, but the breath breathed in the sleeve of death, even if it comes back, comes to take life with it.

It is also unfortunate that every other person here carries the convex lens of faith in his pocket. This is the stage where the real scope of the conversation ends. Political factions and other public circles are also not far behind in the race for negligence, but this is the realm where at least the word can be spoken. Take it From here, you have nothing left but a deep chip.

 When life and faith are compared, we have to have faith and leave life thirsty to suffer in the hot desert. We all need to respect the faith, but if the nation is conscious, it should ask the state why the government that proposed the ambulance service for Gaumata did not show the same concern for its people. The question also arises but not when the people also love life and consciousness to some degree. The people have left the question of life and consciousness in the neighborhood and reached the Kumbh Mela. As much as one explains to the people, she puts it in the deep duggy river. When the flood comes out, she says, no one needs to worry, Ishwar will keep Corona away from us. Not only millions of Kumbh Mela participants are talking about this, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand is also saying the same thing in response to every question. Now that death has fallen on the head of Dhoni Rama, who is there who would dare to ask the Chief Minister and his subjects for Ishwar's permanent address.

The one-sided spectacle is that even in the deadly attacks, there is a T20 tournament of accusations. Devotees at the Kumbh Mela ask after every piece of advice where your advice was when the Tablighi Jamaat was gathering at the Nizamuddin Center in Delhi. When the bedridden workers of the Tablighi Jamaat come out, they say that when the bell can ring in the temple, why can't a sound come from the dome. No one is ready to understand that it is not a matter of banning any religion. It's really a matter of life, which is you and me.

This same vicious cycle that took place earlier this year took place in Pakistan in the same month of Ramadan. Obviously, if there is an IPL, there will also be a PSL. In Pakistan, the Shia school of thought raised its Imam's flag and emerged with more enthusiasm than ever before. He had the same tune in his mind that when you stop the Sunnis from Taraweeh and Jumu'ah, they should also come to us with a box of advice. In every case we are discriminated against, at least the need for an epidemic should be shared equally between the two schools. It was too late to hear that the Sunnis left their ablutions in half and went to the field saying that the plague was all ours and that we would never give it to any absolute infidel. Suicide bombings were not enough for those of you who have now come to take part in the epidemic. You will find a thong in it.

The result of our coercion is the third wave of Corona. The dire consequences we are seeing are those that have been reported in hospitals. Our attitude towards Corona's statistics is the same as that of sexual violence and harassment. After every incident of sexual violence, we pick up reports from other countries and slap them in the face saying that the challenge of sexual harassment there is more than here. In other words, if the accident is not reported, does it mean that the accident did not happen at all? The accident is that Corona is spreading rapidly here. More than the accident, the tragedy is that no one is acknowledging Corona.
In this third wave of Corona, you may have noticed that the timeline of social media has become a diary of death. The words that are being used the most here after Galam Giftar are Anullah Wana Ilya Rajaun, Rest in Peace, God Forgiveness and Deep Condolence. There is hardly anyone in the world who can tell you that our loved one died because of Corona. Now the situation is that when announcing the death, a reason like heart attack must be mentioned so that no one can blame Corona in any way.

You will ask what kind of sympathy people have for Corona after all that they want to save him from all kinds of accusations. Good question The fact of the matter is that if Corona is admitted, then the carelessness which arises in spite of the prohibition of a thousandRuffed. The case of those who insisted on religious gatherings and rituals is even more serious. There is an idea in some corner of his mind that if Corona is admitted, our claims that we made on the trust of God, Imam and Pir Faqir will be questioned. One of the biggest claims is that Corona is the result of our misdeeds. If you have memorized four verses, then it is not necessary to know how to swim. Read and breathe and cross the river. Now Hakim Tawakal Ali Khan is at the mercy of the waves, so he is ashamed to admit his ignorance. It was just a big wave, otherwise I would have been standing on the other side squeezing my foot.

The whole situation is that the consciousness on both sides of the border is moving in the same Ganges with the difference of beliefs. Israel has almost said goodbye to the mask by completing the vaccination process, while there is a growing demand in the Pakistani parliament and on the streets that the French ambassador be called goodbye. In such a situation, if Amr Jalil is helpless and speaks a few words directly to God, then the price of his head is five million rupees. Ever heard of a fodder maker being given a reward of five million rupees for saving a person's head? O Lord of pulpits and altars! O Lord of Constitution and Politics!

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