ترکی کا ڑرامہ ارتغرل انقلاب کی جانب گامزن Turkish Drama Artaghrul Is Moving Towards Revolution

ترکی کا ڑرامہ ارتغرل انقلاب کی جانب گامزن Turkish Drama Artaghrul Is Moving Towards Revolution

Intrusion isn't only a dramatization, it is an appeal that captivates, it is a charm that holds, it is a chivalrous officer who crushes each fortification of the West, how much the West is annoyed with it, its It can be assessed from the way that 

The New York Times called it Turkey's delicate nuclear bomb, saying that Erdogan was utilizing it to tempt Muslim youth and show them the rewarding dream of an extraordinary Islamic realm. Which will before long show up as a revival storm 

The truth of the matter is that 

Through this show, the weakness and feeling of inadequacy of Muslims is being destroyed, they are being educated to be glad for their way of life, Mohi-ud-Din Ibn Arabi is being utilized to build up a relationship with Sufis. 

The dramatization is as of now being appeared on TV diverts in excess of 60 nations around the globe. 

As I would see it, this show is an extraordinary supporter of Islamic upset, Muslim youth should watch this dramatization, despite the fact that it can't be known as a total Islamic show in light of the fact that there are a few scenes in it which are offensive, yet additionally one of them. The explanation is, this is really history, it shows what occurred, yet such scenes resemble salt in flour 

Presently we should discuss what is appeared in this play 

The play depends on the Qai, an itinerant Turkish clan who had just 2,000 fighters yet was an illustration boldness, even the Crusaders and the Mongols, who were worried about them. He was the child of Sardar Salman Shah, he was an intrepid and valiant Muslim, he was an incredible promoter of Islamic solidarity, he was an extraordinary saint who impeded each connivance of the heathens, the tricks of the Christians are appeared in incredible detail in this play. The difference of the Islamic world has likewise been appeared with extraordinary earnestness, the swindlers tucked away among the Muslims have additionally been appeared in an awesome way. 

Subsequent to watching this play, you will likewise ask why? 

Europe is putting such a great amount of accentuation on inoculating our youngsters against polio, it will likewise be realized who is profiting by the battling among Muslims. 

On the off chance that you search, you will even now discover the characters of this play all over 

Tayyip Erdogan said just one sentence regarding the publicity about this dramatization 

However long the lions don't compose their own set of experiences, the trackers will remain legends.

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