True Happiness حقیقی خوشی

True Happiness حقیقی خوشی

In a phone meet, the radio host asked his visitor (who was a mogul): 

What you makes  most joyful throughout everyday life ...? " 

The tycoon stated: 

I have experienced four phases of satisfaction throughout everyday life lastly I comprehended the importance of genuine joy. 

The primary stage was to amass abundance and means, however in this stage I didn't get the bliss I needed. 

At that point came the second phase of gathering assets and things, however I felt that the impact of this thing is additionally impermanent and the radiance of resources doesn't keep going long. 

At that point came the third phase of getting huge ventures, 

For example, purchasing a football crew, purchasing a traveler resort, and so forth 

In any case, even here, I didn't discover the joy I had sought after. 

The fourth time, a companion of mine requested that I help get a few wheelchairs for kids with inabilities. 

At a companion's solicitation, I quickly purchased a wheelchair. 

However, the companion demanded that I go with him and hand over the wheelchairs to the youngsters. 

I prepared and went with him. 

There I gave the seats to the youngsters with my own hands. 

I saw the odd sparkle of satisfaction on the essences of these youngsters. 

I saw them all sitting on seats, moving around and having some good times. Maybe they had shown up at an excursion spot. 

Yet, I felt genuine satisfaction when I began to leave and one of the children snatched my leg. 

I delicately attempted to free my legs yet the youngster gazed at my face and held my legs firmly. 

I bowed down and asked the youngster: 

Do you need whatever else ...? 

The appropriate response that this youngster gave me fulfilled me as well as changed my life totally. 

The youngster stated: 

I need to place the engraving of your face in my brain with the goal that when I meet you in paradise, I can remember you and thank you once before my Lord. "

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