مصر کی تاریخ(نظریات عامری) (History of Egypt (Amiri Theories

مصر کی تاریخ(نظریات عامری) (History of Egypt (Amiri Theories

 These are the conical tombs which are called the pyramids of Egypt. These structures are counted among the oldest man-made structures. All experts agree that these are the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt. In which the members of the royal family are buried .It is the only one of the seven wonders of the world that is still in excellent condition. According to archaeologists, the total number of pyramids discovered in Egypt is 138, the most important of which were built four and a half thousand years ago today, three of which are located in Gaza, outside the Egyptian capital Cairo. Pyramids, Khufu, Khafra and Mankawar are considered to be among the oldest wonders of the world. Today our subject, the largest pyramid is the tomb of Khufu which is also called the tomb of King Chaubis. Was to be maintained so that their ranks would be elevated in the journey to the Hereafter and when they were resurrected, their bodies would be safe as well. A lot of gold, silver and jewels were also given so that the hereafter would be good and there would be no shortage of anything in the new life. The Egyptians of that time believed that spirits never die and return to the body after a long time. The number of followers of this religion was also in the millions. Of all the pyramids, the tallest pyramid is Khufu, which is 455 feet high. It is spread over an area of ​​13 acres. 2.5 million limestone blocks have been used in its construction and the weight of most of these blocks is close to 25 to 80 tons. They have been constructed so well that even today's science The monument cannot build a pyramid, meaning it is the highest example of technical skill. These blocks can weigh up to 5.9 million tons, and it took more than 20 years to build. Stones will fit in their place every day With the construction of this great Egyptian pyramid, many questions come to mind as to how it was built when there were no cranes and great construction missionaries. According to Egyptian history, these rocks were brought from 800 kilometers away and dug the longest canal, and then filled with animal skins, floated on water and brought to Gaza, with a distance of 800 kilometers under consideration. Keep in mind the difficulties of the past, it was an impossible task that human intelligence did. After its completion, it was covered with white shiny stone, which collapsed in 1300 BC due to an earthquake, and during the reign of Sultan Nasir al-Din, a small fort and a mosque were built from this stone. More than a million skilled workers worked. The work of these skilled workers is so excellent that even today, it is difficult to insert a plastic bank card in the gap between two stones, and each block is said to have been properly positioned. Everything is annihilated ahead of time and where the pyramids are, time is also a hatch. Knowing the past, live in the present and like the living nations, that is the exact truth.

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