میں اور میری میت Me And My Dead

میں اور میری میت Me And My Dead

This morning around 3:27 I felt like I was holding my breath .... I was watching my death in front of my eyes and I was half dead trying to breathe when suddenly these breaths stopped. Dia and I felt like it was all over. My soul had left with my body. I was like a corpse, but I could not understand what was happening to me, just watching the spectacle of death that was quietly with me, which kept me in the same dilemma until about five o'clock, whether I am alive or dead ?? ... When the adhan of Fajr was heard in the morning, a faint desire arose in my heart that the prayer should be offered but the desire ... !!! Desire had turned into longing because the desires of the living are fulfilled. What is the wish of a dead person ?? She becomes sad and is buried in his grave. That is why I was just waiting for her, now when will my last rites be ??

I was preparing myself for the last rites that would be my funeral and the thought of how my departure would affect my family, friends and relatives bothered me but now I just had to lie down quietly and watch the spectacle of my death. But when did the show start ?? It was 8 o'clock in the morning and it was time for the show to start and during that time strange whispers and thoughts were taking place in my heart and the desire to be alive was still somewhere in my heart. Only then did I get up from my place. And I tried my best to move one hand, but it was useless, I wanted to move my lips to open my lips, but alas, I had lost the ability to speak. Only then, in my helplessness, my heart wanted me to burst into tears, but what is this ?? There were people alive, they were also standing around me, my parents, siblings, loved ones and relatives and maybe all of them had received the news of my death. Seeing all of them, my heart wanted me to get up and tell them that their crying hurt me. But alas, I was deprived of the power to speak. I could only feel their pain when I saw them all crying. Gradually, people gathered around me in droves, all of them had tears in their eyes and it was strange. Those who never asked about the situation were building bridges of praise for me today ...

For some time I was listening to everyone in silence. Sometimes the voices of crying would become so loud that I would get up and comfort them and tell them that I could hear everything but the desire had become a longing. On the other hand, my body was measured and a shroud and grave were prepared and after bathing, I was wrapped in a white shroud as if I was wearing it. I felt that now I have only a few moments left with my family, then I started to worry about what happened to my family after me, then some people put red roses on my shroud and some read Qur'an for my reward. I could no longer hear the cries. My ears were impatient to hear the voices of my loved ones. After a while the crowd was told to retreat. Now maybe I was being taken to the cemetery. My funeral They were carrying me on their shoulders to my final destination. I was walking away from my home. Now I will never be able to come back. I was not left behind. After my funeral prayers, I was taken down to the grave. I looked at everyone for the last time with sadness and also saw the world for which I destroyed my days and nights for which Forgetting the Hereafter and the same world and those people were burying me today. I wanted to scream, don't leave me but no sound came out of my mouth. There I started suffocating. People threw dust on me and recited Fatiha and me. Saying never to forget, they started burying me with their own hands. Dust was being poured on me and I felt like I was alive. I was breathing. Life was being created in me with dust mounds, but I spoke. I wish I could speak and say don't leave me alone. Slowly the pile of dust was completed. I looked around helplessly. It was dark all around. Tears started flowing from my eyes out of fear. Now maybe this was the end. I had come to this timeless world and forgot ...

Life is a water bubble that can burst at any moment

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