ایک حسین انتقام A Beautiful Revenge

ایک حسین انتقام A Beautiful Revenge

 Hey my doll got up Ahmed Sahib lovingly kissed Abiha's forehead and sat down with her

Ji Baba Jan, today is the first day of university, so I got up early

Mashaallah Mashaallah, stay alive, our doll is very intelligent. Ahmed Sahib said, turning his hand on Abiha's head.

Yes, Baba Jan, today is my first day. Now I am leaving. It is getting late. Please pray

 Abiha answered while drinking juice and hurriedly picked up the bag and prayed to Baba Jan to get out in a runaway manner while sitting in the car and told the driver to walk.

 Not even this girl, Ahmed Sahib laughed at her haste

 Abiha was the only daughter of her parents. Abiha's uncle Abiha was born to her real creator.

 Ahmed Sahib had married Maimuna Begum of his choice

 When Ahmed Sahib's father found out about this, he evicted Ahmed Sahib from the property, terminated all relations with him and evicted him from the mansion.

 Ahmed Sahib shifted to Islamabad with his wife

 After a short association of 3 years, at the time of Abiha's birth, Maimona Begum passed away leaving the responsibility of Abiha to Ahmed Sahib.

 The shock was so deep that so many loving spouses were left behind

 But for the sake of Abiha, Ahmed put his grief behind him and turned his attention to Abiha and tried his best to nurture her.

 ابیھا کا۔ She took care of Boa, a poor woman. Her husband had died some time ago. She had no children of her own, but she raised Abiha like a mother. ۔

 Abiha had taken admission in comsats university of islamabd after doing ICS

And today was his first day at university ...


"Yar Khan teases the newcomers a little," said Ali, looking at Khan lost in his mobile and spitting.

Why don't you stop harassing the poor?

Khan said putting the mobile in his shirt pocket

He rolled up his sleeves in a navy blue shalwar kameez and dropped his brown hair on his forehead.

Dude, these are the days, then a few years later we will remember this day and take a deep breath

Ali was almost dragging him away

Standing a short distance from the Unigate, they were trying to find their prey.

Found hunting

 Khan followed Ali's gaze

He was wearing a blue jeans with a yellow t-shirt, a stool hanging around his neck, a high ponytail of light blonde hair, looking around with his blue eyes.

She passed by him when he regained consciousness with Ali's voice

Excuse me mam can we help you?

Abiha looked at him and answered no and moved on

Hey, how did it come about? We leave you to your department ...

I'll go myself. Give way. ...

Abiha didn't like stopping Ali at all

 Khan grabbed Ali by the arm and pushed him to the side and gave way to Abiha

 Abiha glanced at Khan and moved on

 Why did you let him go

 By the way, you don't leave anyone. What happened today, brother?

 Khan was still watching Abiha walk away from him moment by moment

 Ali had noted the significance of this

 O brother, he is gone, Ali grabbed Khan's shoulder and said in a slightly louder voice

 Khan was amused

 It looks like something went wrong

 Ali had teased Khan

 Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Khan aint for me either

 After all, the one who ran away from the girls finally liked a girl today, but what if he said something else? Ali had said something thoughtful

 You know that whatever Dilawar Khan likes, he doesn't leave it under any circumstances. I need all the details of this girl till evening. Got it?

 OK boss, Ali bowed

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