Playing A Pubg Game پب جی گیم کھیلنا

Playing A Pubg Game پب جی گیم کھیلنا


It is said that a mobile game is very popular among us in the present era, which is called PUBG (Pubji), this is how it is played, in this game 100 people take part in the form of cartoons and they 100 men land by plane at a certain place by parachute, and houses are built here and there in this map, these houses have different types of weapons and these weapons are used by one slave to another slave in this game. Kills with his cunning and intellect with weapons and over time an electric current surrounds the game that keeps the remaining cartoons or individuals close to each other, where people come face to face. And mark each other's cartoons to win and in the end the one who survives 1 out of 100 wins, on this victory he is awarded the title of Chicken Diner, which makes the winning servant feel very happy. Is.

Now is this game legal or illegal in the eyes of Islamic law?

Playing A Pubg Game پب جی گیم کھیلنا

the answer

PUBG game contains many kinds of Shariah and other evils, there is no religious or worldly benefit in playing it, such as physical exercise, etc., it is played only for blood games and spending time, which "Layani" is work, and those who play it usually become so accustomed to it that they become addicted to it, and become so addicted that they become oblivious to many religious and even worldly matters. Mutahra does not allow such a game of bloodless games, while the further Shari'ah abomination is that it contains pictures of living beings, and the observation is that those who play this game over and over again, their The mind seems to be negative and like the game, they really think of the work of Mardhar etc. in the world, of which many incidents have taken place. Therefore, it is not permissible to play PPG and other such games

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