Gilgit-Baltistan's Jannat Nazir Wadi Ghazar and construction of highways

Gilgit-Baltistan's Jannat Nazir Wadi Ghazar and construction of highways

Ghazar district of Gilgit-Baltistan is one of the most beautiful areas of the province. Orchards laden with fruits, beautiful waterfalls, towering mountains and lakes here invite tourists and dozens of varieties of cherries are the hallmark of the region. While gardeners have apricot trees of different species in their gardens and this apricot has a special place in terms of taste. Millions of tourists camp in the beautiful valleys to see this area every year and leave with fond memories of the peaceful atmosphere and hospitality of the hospitable people. Phandar, the most beautiful valley of Ghazar, is a piece of heaven on earth and the tourists who come here stay for many days in this beautiful valley. Phandar is a remote area of Ghazar, but seeing the beauty of this valley, the tiredness of tourists is relieved. The tragedy of the area is that the dilapidated condition of the road from Gilgit to Ghazar is the biggest obstacle for the tourists coming here. Even after the passage of nine years, this important highway, which was destroyed by the floods of 2010, has not been repaired and the one-hour journey from Gahkooch to Gilgit now takes two hours. The provincial government had announced this good news to the people of the region a year ago, but the construction work of this road could not be started yet. If the Gilgit-Chitral road is constructed, this road can be an alternative to the Karakoram highway. If a tourist reaches Gilgit by traveling on the Karakoram highway from Islamabad and can reach Chitral via Ghazar and from there Islamabad. Ghazar district of Gilgit-Baltistan is the district where millions of tourists come every year, on the other hand thousands of tourists reach Shandur from Ghazar Road on the occasion of three-day Shandur Mela of international fame and participate in this fair. Pass through this area. Apart from this, this road is also used as an alternative to the Karakoram Highway, but its construction is also pending. On the other hand, the performance of the tourism department needs attention. Ghazar, whose population has reached 200,000, has a very weak tourism sector. Tourists picnic point archeological scene. An information center is also needed for the tourists coming here. In fact, the most beautiful region of Gilgit-Baltistan is Ghazor, which invites the tourists who come here for its beauty. Trout, the world's rarest fish, is found abundantly in the clear and transparent waters, besides, every farmer here has dozens of cherry trees, which is a delicate fruit. But due to the dilapidated condition of the roads here, the local orchardists cannot reach their cherry market. Every year domestic and foreign tourists visit this area, but if the tourists who come here have any complaint about this area, it is the dilapidated roads here. If the Gilgit-Ghazhar road is constructed on a better standard, not only the people here can earn lakhs of rupees by selling their fruits. Rather, millions of tourists can also visit this paradise valley. The current government is taking important steps regarding tourism, which is a welcome thing, and the people of Ghar are right to be optimistic that their region is going to be prosperous. .

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