How to get peace of mind

How to get peace of mind
People are usually depressed when their thinking patterns are negative
Psychologists say: Mood is an emotion that lingers on our minds. The shadow lasts for hours, days and sometimes weeks. It does not matter if the mood is pleasant, but when the mood of sadness, worry, despair or lethargy lingers, it becomes torture. The best way to deal with this kind of mood is to talk about it, but sometimes there is no one to listen.
There are many drugs on the market today to combat mood. However, many people don't know that experts have discovered many ways to relieve mood swings that don't require medication. Their added benefit is that you are protected from the unwanted side effects of the medication. So, if you ever have an unpleasant mood in the future, try one of the following methods.
Exercise is essential:
The best of all such mood altering methods is exercise. Many people around the world use exercise as an effective method to overcome bad moods. Katherine Lance has written a book titled Running for Health and Beauty. She says that if it were possible to bottle exercise and sell it in stores, the world's stores would be filled with these bottles.
Many researchers say that exercise is as effective as related drugs in bringing about pleasant changes in human mood. Exercise refers to brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming and other similar activities. This type of exercise should be done three to five times a week and should last at least twenty minutes.
Bring Colors to Work:
New York-based color psychologist Patrika Sarzaba says that just as vitamins strengthen the body, colors are energizing for the mind. This lady also gives some tips for using colors effectively. To combat feelings of sadness, despair and hopelessness, avoid wearing colors and surrounding yourself with colors that evoke negative feelings. Use soothing light colors to avoid anxiety and stress. That is why different shades of light blue are used in hospitals to calm the patients.
Close connection between mood and food:
Scientists have no doubt that food and mood are not only phonetically close, but also closely related. Good food energizes the body and mind. It increases their working capacity and keeps a person active. A good diet does not mean expensive and heavy food at all, but a clean and light diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.
Not Darkness, Light:
The experiments of the US National Institute of Mental Health have revealed that some people fall into a state of despair in winter. You can call it a seasonal disorder. This disorder is actually caused by a lack of light. The best treatment for those affected by this disorder is to spend more time outside the four walls during the winter months. Add more light to your rooms and adopt other ways to make them brighter.
Sleep deprivation is fatal:
Many experts now agree that dreams, whether we remember them or not, help us cope with mood-altering events. In this way, they change the offensive mood. Psychiatrist Rosa Landright is the director of a sleep disorder research institute in Chicago. They say that dreams during sleep take over the task of solving problems constructively. If the problem is not too complicated, then we can get rid of it in one night's sleep. Thus, when we wake up in the morning, our mood is better than the previous day.
Just by thinking positively:
People are usually depressed when their thinking patterns are negative. Psychologist "Suzanne Labot" says that you should avoid crying on yourself, on your condition. This will not reduce your burden but will make you feel really unlucky. More or less all psychologists agree that if you start thinking positively, then you will actually start feeling happier. Which is also your right to life.

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