iPhone 14 Pro flaws: Apple releases update

iPhone 14 Pro flaws: Apple releases update

The leading technology company Apple has recently released an update to fix the flaws in the iPhone 14.

According to an international website, it's good news for iPhone users that the company has released updated rails to remove the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone has released iOS 16.0.2 update to fix camera system bug in mobile.

It should be noted that Apple introduced the new iPhone last week, after which many users complained about the camera system of the new iPhone being damaged.

After the release of the update by iPhone, users will no longer face problems with the iPhone's mobile camera while using third-party apps (Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat).

It should be noted that complaints were received from iPhone users that mechanical noises are heard or the screen freezes while using the mobile camera.

The Apple company said that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max used to get blurry photos while using the third-party app's camera, but these issues will be resolved once the update is released to the iPhone.

The company hasn't revealed the cause of the issues customers are facing, but it's possible that the optical image stabilization system isn't working properly in the iPhone 14.

Another problem users face on iPhone is the constant display of permission prompts while copying and pasting content in an app.

Apple senior manager Ron Huang has previously admitted that such iPhone problems are unexpected and surprising, but that the company will fix the problem soon.

All other bugs after the release of iOS 16.0.2 update, including device display going black during setup or touch screen issues on iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Problems will be solved.

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