The US Liberty Tragedy When Israel invaded America سانحہ یو ایس ایس لبرٹی جب اسرٸیل نے امدیکہ پر حملہ کیا!!


The US Liberty Tragedy When Israel invaded America سانحہ یو ایس ایس لبرٹی جب اسرٸیل نے امدیکہ پر حملہ کیا!!

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June 8, 1967 During the 6-day Arab-Israeli war, the US Navy's technical research ship USS Liberty was stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, 47 kilometers from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, when an unforeseen disaster struck. Let the plane appear ... Two Israeli Mirage planes and two Mystery planes opened fire on Liberty without warning.

The first attack was carried out by Mirage III planes while indiscriminately raining 30 mm cannons and rockets on Liberty. In the first unprovoked attack, eight American soldiers were killed and 75 wounded.

Among the wounded was William McGannick, a U.S. naval commander who won the Medal of Honor in World War II.

The rocket set Liberty on fire.

Commander McGannell's emergency message to the US 6th Fleet ...

The Israeli Mirage had completely lost its immunity to Liberty, so it has now been replaced by two Israeli "Dassault Supermistry" planes.

Mystery planes equipped with Nepam bombs also started raining fire and iron on the American plane without any hesitation. Now Liberty was engulfed in flames.

But ... now the Israeli pilots were beginning to realize something was wrong because they did not see any Egyptian flag or any Arabic markings on Liberty. It was "surprising" that Liberty did not respond.

Due to these concerns, the attack on Liberty was postponed.

But before the attack could be stopped, a nearby Israeli torpedo boat also hit Liberty.

By 3 p.m., Israel had confirmed that the target was an American plane, not an Egyptian.

Total losses:

Deaths = 34

Injured = 171



Israel's explanation for the bloody attack was justified: "We mistakenly thought of Liberty as an Egyptian warship."

However, the United States vehemently refused to accept Israel's position and explanation, and demanded compensation from Israel.

The well-known US intelligence officer, Ward Boston, who has long been involved in the investigation into the tragedy, stated that "this attack was not an accident but a deliberate one." He further added that the main purpose of the attack was to sink the wreckage of the attack on the Egyptian air force after sinking the American ship and to provoke the United States to attack Egypt, but this did not happen.



In May 1968, the Israeli government accepted responsibility for the tragedy and war crimes, apologized to the American people, and paid the United States 3. 3.32 million in compensation.

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