Male and female infertility مردانہ و زنانہ بانجھ پن

Male and female infertility مردانہ و زنانہ بانجھ پن

 Pregnancy depends on the security of both male and female reproductive organs. Therefore, before treatment, it is important to provide information on the physical function and defects of both their reproductive organs and the physician must be familiar with the normal function of these organs. Therefore, it is necessary to study the books on the interpretation of reproductive system and profit in order to distinguish the normal function from the abnormal function. Before writing about male and female diseases, we have mentioned a brief description of their reproductive organs and their benefits, which play a special role in reproductive function, whether they are specifically for reproductive organs or for reproductive organs. Be helpful. Therefore, before treating this disease, read the explanation and benefits so that the cause of the disease can be identified.

Causes: Congenital or acquired defects of the urethra in men, impaired testicular function due to hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus and orchititis. And in women there is no uterus or small uterus, the uterus is out of place, the vagina is narrow, licorice, overuse of chemicals, gonorrhea, syphilis, uterine tumors, ovaries Inflammation, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, menstrual irregularity, fat accumulation in the uterus, hormonal disorders such as hyperadinocorticism, polycystic ovary syndrome. ovarian disease, such as hyperprolactinamia and chromosomal aberration, such as Klein Felter syndrome, a person with 44 autosomes and 3 sex chromosomes, X and . Thus there are a total of 48 chromosomes, with more than one X chromosome. The individual looks male but has large breasts, small penis, defective testicles. This person is infertile, genital woman and practical man. Also other chromosomal aberrations such as Turner's syndrome etc., sperm defect and anemia. Therefore, it is very important to know the root cause of the disease before starting treatment.

If a minor test of a woman does not detect any disease, then the man should not have sexual intercourse for five days. Then have intercourse. When the semen is released, put it in a wide-mouthed bottle and cover it and have it tested in a pathology laboratory because both males and females are equal partners in reproduction and the embryo (zygot) is formed by the union of both reproductive cells. Finds

In fact, semen is a secretory fluid from certain glands that is made up of spermatozoon or male reproductive cells. Worm semen or sperms make up 2% of the total amount of semen that is produced in the testicles. About 60% of semen comes from seminal vesicles. This thick, irreversible or slightly alkaline liquid is usually a little yellow or slightly dark in color. The color of which is formed from the substances present inside it. The prostate gland makes up 2% of the semen. Glandular; secretory fluid has an acidic reaction, such as milk. Ph 6.5 is often caused by citric acid. The fluid from the adrenal glands also contains substances such as proteolytic enzymes and acid phosphatase. This enzyme is responsible for the clotting, drying or solubility of sperm, which is still thought to be involved, as its action is not clearly known. 10 to 15 percent of sperm contains epididymis (testicles). Adjacent structures (vas deferensia) are formed by the urethral bulb or root and the urethral gland.

The main purpose of sperm testing is to find out the number of sperm or worm semen in it and their different forms, because the basis and basis of reproduction is the physical state of worm semen such as number, motility and physical form.

 Indiscriminate treatment without diagnosis not only does not alleviate the disease but is also harmful.

Homeopathic Remedies

Nervousness and impotence


The consequences of masturbation

Tribulus terrestris

Specific to impotence


Muira puama

The power of the people may be exhausted or diminished


Improves the secretion of glands. Useful in strength


Problems with the testicles Glandular disorders

Sabal serrulata

Gonorrhea causes pain in the cervix

Tussilago petasites

The emaciation of the testicles ends with intercourse


Loss of genitals loose and cold, gonorrhea

Agnus castus

Inflammation of the semen ducts does not occur even when we embrace it. Diabetes

Acid phos

Etc. etc.

For women

This is the top medicine


Menstrual irregularities are accompanied by licorice and constipation


Ovulation of the ovaries and mammary glands leads to infertility, but the lymphatic glands grow and are not filtered.

Baryta Carb

Fistula condition, stiffness, chronic inflammation of the ovaries relieves fistulas of the outer opening of the vagina and swelling of the ovaries

Aurum mur Nat

Infertility due to ovarian insufficiency

Kali brom

When we embrace mucus is expelled which results in infertility

Natrum Carb

Uterine weakness after licorice


Weakness of the uterus This medicine strengthens the uterus

Aleteris f

Etc. etc.

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