Bill Gates' Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Investment بل گیٹس کی بل اینڈ ملینڈا گیٹس فاؤنڈیشن سرمایہ کاری

Bill Gates' Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Investment بل گیٹس کی بل اینڈ ملینڈا گیٹس فاؤنڈیشن  سرمایہ کاری

 In addition to vaccinating people, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in a bank where no billionaire in the world can open an account.

The bank is storing "indigenous or natural seeds" instead of gold, silver or currency.

The bank's official name is Svalbard Global Seed Vault, but it is also known as Doomsday Seed Vault. The Domes de Seedbank Svalbard is located 1,100 kilometers from the North Pole, inside a huge rock on the Arctic coast. This area is owned by Norway.

It is probably the safest bank in the world. This bank has double blast proof doors. Its lockers are made of the hardest thick steel, while the inner walls of the bank are made of a one-meter thick layer of concrete. It is said that 3 million different types of seeds will be stored in it. There are sensors outside the bank that can monitor any movement from outside the bank.

Why is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation investing so much in this project?

It may be easier for you to understand the issues if you listen to some more details.

The bank is owned by John D. Rockefeller, a partner of Bill Gates. John D. Rockefeller, considered by many to be a 31st-degree Freemason.

In addition to Bill Gates and Rockefeller, some of the world's leading GMO badge producers are his partners in this bank. Together they are saving the seeds for the time to come when the "indigenous or natural seed" will disappear from the world.

Interestingly, John D. Rockefeller himself was the driving force behind the eradication of indigenous or natural seeds from around the world, and now his company. Also, two other partners of the same bank, Dupont and Sangenta GMO, or "Hybrid" seed in common parlance, are running two of the world's largest companies.

He expects that in a short time, with the elimination of natural seeds around the world, all the world's farmers will lose the ability to produce their own seeds. Then they will have control over food all over the world and all the gold and silver in the world will be hatched in front of the seeds in their Doomsday Bank.

There are other interesting things about Bill Gates and Rockefeller. For example

John de Rockefeller was accused of funding a program that was working on a project to create a genetically new human race.

The person assigned to run the project is Margaret Catley-Carlson, who has been chairman of John D. Rockefeller's World Population Reduction Organization, which has been responsible for worldwide birth control since 1952. Is headquartered in New York. He is also a key figure in the world's largest mineral water company, Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux.

Epicyte, a California-based company, announced in 2001 that it had developed a type of corn that could affect men and control birth control. He announced that he wanted to work on it more, so do you know who got him to sponsor this project? DuPont and Syngenta Joe is a partner at Doomsday Seed Bank.

In addition, the US Department of the Office is funding them.

In 1990, the WHO launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines against tetanus, a disease that can be contracted by biting rusty nails. Surprisingly, the vaccine was not given to men in England, although men are just as likely to get the disease. The vaccine was later tested by an organization called Comite Pro Vida de Mexico that contained chemicals that could cause pregnancy problems in women.

Above all, Bill Gates' polio campaign is becoming a dangerous monster and many questions are being raised about it.

In Pakistan alone, one child dies every minute due to contagious diseases and respiratory problems. Hepatitis kills 400,000 children every year and affects more than 10 million people in Pakistan. According to the World Health Organization's research in 2011, only 650 out of 250 million children in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria were infected with polio.

Now the question arises that the diseases that are killing millions of people are not visible to anyone and because of polio in 650 children this vaccine is being forcibly given to children in all countries and on it Bill Gates' 60 60 billion giant "welfare organization" is working. What is the reason for this ???

According to Nigerian pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Haruna Kaita, this is a campaign to sterilize people.

The United States has banned vaccines made from Indian monkey liver in its country because it was causing brain cancer, stroke and other diseases. This is a very long topic and only a handful of material on the net on Bill Gates' polio campaign Is now

Maybe Bill Gates and Rockefeller are doing something and we know something we don't know.

May God protect us all from the temptations of the Dajjal. Amen

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