Don't die (Muhammad Ali Sadpara)

 These mountaineers are very strange people.

God has shown great colors in life, British Prime Ministers, American Presidents, and the Royal Family, the world's most famous Billionaires, Hollywood stars to great personalities are the people who affect our minds. But the most impressive are the climbers who, from the mountains, climb the mountain, the climber, when a man of five, six feet competes with a mountain of twenty-five, thirty thousand, then something will happen.

Either I don't, or these circulating skies aren't.

These climbers are also very crazy people. Take a look at American mountaineer Vanessa O'Brien. She herself is an investment banker, earning millions of dollars in Manhattan, and from there she rose blindly in love with Shah Gauri to climb mountains, and to climb even the highest mountain like K2. Everest, another mountaineer, has also set a Guinness Book of World Records and will carry the Pakistani flag on top of the mountain in the hope that our friends will applaud him. Someday this story will be told. And someday the story of our Nazir Sabir will be told. When he met his Lord on the summit of Everest. The mountains had made him a Sufi.

 Edmund Hillary, the mentor of all climbers, says that, in fact, we are conquering our fears, not the mountains. And then when he stumbled upon Everest for failing in his goal before climbing Everest, he said, "You're here, I'll be back next year."

Today, newspapers and social media are full of false news about Muhammad Ali's K-2 head. But where is Sadpara? Wherever you are, just be in the order of Allah, Insha'Allah.

 The latest news is that Bulgarian climber Atanas Georgiev Skatov, who arrived at K-2 base camp on the evening of December 29, fell down from the area of ​​Camp III at 11:20 on the 7th. Was and his body was found no below six thousand feet. Where human courage also brings the passion to die.

Most people are very wise. Do jobs, do business, make money and live happily.

It takes about five to seven crores to reach the head of a single K2. So much so that in Defense comes a nice little bungalow. However, some people who go crazy become Nazir Sabir and Muhammad Ali. Not only do they risk their lives but they also put all the people who are involved in their lives in misery and trouble.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara's Sham Charaq Sajid Ali Sadpara has returned due to a malfunction in the oxygen regulator. Muhammad Ali Sadpara had tweeted on the night of February 4 that the team had left for their destination at 12 o'clock at night, from where it would take them 14 hours to reach the top of K-2 (8611 meters). , But now more than 25 hours. A rescue operation has been launched in search of Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Jan Sunori. Because despite being over 24 hours, there was no contact

Don't die  (Muhammad Ali Sadpara)

between the two climbers.

 Muhammad Ali Sadpara, join our prayers, God willing. Whether your record is made or not, we will all continue to pray for your well-being. Well you are in a place with the Theaters of Gods anyway, you will need our prayers less. But you have proved once again that a man of five, six feet can be bigger than a mountain of twenty eight thousand feet and in fact you Conquer yourself, not the mountain.

Come back with good fortune, dear martyr Muhammad Ali Sadpara of my homeland!

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