بیوی ہو تو ایسی The Wife Would Be Like That

بیوی ہو تو ایسی The Wife Would Be Like That

A king went for a walk on the roof of the palace. As he walked, his eyes fell on the roof of the house near the palace on which a very beautiful woman was drying clothes.
The king called one of his captives and asked: Whose wife is this?
The captive said: King Salamat, this is the wife of your slave Feroz.
The king descended, and the king was enchanted by the beauty of this woman.
He called Feroz.
When Feroz came, the king said: Feroz is one of our jobs. Give this letter to the king of a certain country and get the answer from him.
Feroz: He returned home with the letter, put the letter under his pillow, packed his luggage, spent the night at home and left for his destination in the morning, unaware of what the king had done to him. Is gone
On the other hand, as soon as Feroze disappeared, the king secretly reached Feroze's house and slowly knocked on the door of Feroze's house.
Feroz's wife asked who is it?
The king said: I am the king, the lord of your husband.
He opened the door. The king came in and sat down.
Feroze's wife said in astonishment: "Peace be upon you today, King, in our poor house."
The king said: I have come here as a guest.
Feroze's wife understood the meaning of the king and said: I seek refuge in Allah from your coming in such a way in which I do not see any good.
The king said angrily: What are you saying, girl? Maybe you don't recognize me. I am the king, the owner of your husband.
Feroz's wife said: King, I know in peace that you are the king, but you have been called an elder
The lion, no matter how fast he is hungry, does not start eating the carcass
And he said: Peace be upon you, O king. You have come to drink from the bowl in which your dog drank.
The king was very ashamed of the woman's words and left her, but he forgot his sandals.
All this was done by the king.
Now, halfway through, Feroz remembered that the letter which the king had given him had been left at home. He quickly turned the horse back and ran towards his house. When Feroz reached his house, while taking out the letter from under the pillow, his eyes fell on the king's slippers under the bed which he had forgotten in a hurry.
Feroze was dizzy and realized that the king had sent him on a journey just to fulfill his purpose. Feroz left the house quietly without telling anyone. He took the letter and left. When he had finished his work, he returned to the king. Feroz went to the market with dinars and also bought expensive women's clothes and some gifts. When he reached home, he greeted his wife and said, "Let's go to your house."
The wife asked: What is this?
He said: The king has given a reward and I want you to wear it and show it to your family.
Wife: As you wish, the wife was ready and left for her parents' house with her husband. The son-in-law and daughter and they will bring gifts. They were very happy to see.
Feroze left his wife and returned. A month later, he neither asked for her nor called her back.
Then a few days later his brother-in-law came to see him and asked him: Feroz, tell us the reason for your anger and resentment towards our sister or we will present you before the judge.
He said: Do it if you wish, but I have no right to it which I have not paid.

They took their case to the judge, who called Feroze.
The judge was sitting next to the king. The brothers of the girl said: May Allah keep the king safe and the judge permanent. Qazi Sahib, we handed over a green garden, a tree full of fruits and a well of fresh water to this person. So this man destroyed our garden, ate all the fruit, cut down the trees and closed the well.
Qazi turned to Feroz and asked: Yes, boy, what do you say about this?
Feroz said: Qazi Sahib, I have returned the garden given to me in a better condition.
The judge asked: Has he returned the garden to you in the same condition as before?
He said: Yes, he has returned in the same condition, but we want to ask him the reason for returning the garden.
Qazi: Yes Feroz, what do you want to say about that?
Feroz said: I did not leave the garden in Qazi Sahib because of any malice or hatred but because I came to the garden one day and when I saw the marks of the lion's claws in it, I was afraid that the lion would eat me. I stopped going to the garden because of the lion's honor.
The king who was leaning was listening to all this, and sat up and said. Feroz, go to your garden in peace and contentment. By Allah, there is no doubt that the lion came to your garden, but it did not leave any trace there, nor did it break any leaf, nor did it eat any fruit. I swear I have never seen strong walls around a garden like yours.
So Feroz returned home and took his wife back. Neither the judge nor anyone else knew what had happened !!!

* Is it better to hide the secrets of your family so that people do not know *
* Don't let the secrets of your home be revealed to anyone *

May Allah fill you with happiness, keep you, your family and your wealth in His care and order. Amen

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