Friend Of God خدا کا دوست

Friend Of God خدا کا دوست

A child was selling flowers on the street barefoot in the scorching heat. In this scorching heat, he was having a hard time getting his feet on the ground barefoot. Even in such a situation, people were buzzing while buying flowers from this child.

While these same people, when buying a bouquet outside a hospital, give whatever price the shopkeeper asks for, the Romance Week begins on February 8 and ends on February 8, Valentine's Day, with all the flowers being bought. I don't see anyone talking. The shopkeeper just took out what he asked for.

But today a strange thing happened to this innocent child. Today, when he came to sell flowers on the street, it was impossible to set foot on the ground because of the scorching heat.

Seeing the suffering of this child, a God-fearing person took pity on this child and he bought new shoes from the nearby bazaar and while giving them to this child, said, "Take these shoes, son ... !!!"

The boy immediately took his shoes out of the box and quickly put them on. His face shone with happiness. He turned to the man and took his hand and asked, "Are you God ... ???"

Terrified, the man held out his hand and grabbed his ear and said, "No, I am not God, and no human being is God. God is the only one from whom we give whatever we ask for."

The boy smiled and said, "Then you must be a friend of God, because last night I was groaning from the pain in my legs and praying to God, 'Or may God arrange a pair of shoes for me so that I can escape the scorching sun.' I can put my feet comfortably on the hot road.

The man smiled and lovingly kissed the baby's forehead and headed home.

The man's smile indicated that being a friend of God was not a difficult task.

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