بیوہ اور طلاق یافتہ خواتین کہاں جاٸیں Where Do Widows And Divorced Women Go


بیوہ اور طلاق یافتہ خواتین کہاں جاٸیں Where Do Widows And Divorced Women Go

Asslam o Alaikum💫 

Most of the women in our society who get divorced or their husbands die

Now people consider her a flawed woman. There is nothing wrong with being divorced and a widow. These are decisions of fate.

It is now often seen that no one likes to marry these women even though such women are often between the ages of 28 and 40.

Not marrying her now is an injustice. What happened to her husband who divorced her? Doesn't this woman have the right to remarry?

Such poor women spend the rest of their lives sitting at home

Every man wants me to marry a virgin, be beautiful, be rich, be educated, and the daughters of the poor grow old at home. No one thinks.

What would happen if he gave some money to a poor father who is burdened with debts who can marry his daughter in his youth.

My request and heartfelt appeal is to all Muslim men. Marry a virgin but also a widow and a divorced woman so that you can support them for the rest of their lives.

I have seen many women who get divorced for 27 to 30 years now they have enough life left. Please bring them in your marriage.

Our beloved Prophet had only one wife, Hazrat Ayesha, a virgin, and all the other wives were pure widows and divorced.

It was also intended to teach the Ummah to understand my pain and take it to heart

If you are already married and fulfilling your rights and you desire a second marriage, then choose a widow and a divorcee.

The main thing is that if you can maintain love and equality in your wives after two marriages and avoid oppression, then you must support the troubled helpless women in the society.

From this post, married women who cannot allow their husbands to remarry will disagree with my post.

I would like to tell them that if the husband can maintain equality and equality, then do not cause mischief. Just like you are someone's daughter, feel the pain of the daughters of a father who are widowed and divorced who are getting old at home One woman may feel the pain of another woman.

I would like to say to the husbands, if you really have to do injustice, then don't even get married, why do you make someone's daughter's life hell?

So let's all support widows and divorced women today. Get married twice. There are millions of such women waiting for you in the society while maintaining justice.

Go and become the support of oppressed women. Why do everyone keep themselves happy? Why don't they understand the pain of others?

Think what will happen to these women who will grow old at home

You can change everything. You can hold the hand of such women. Respect them. Bring them into marriage. Help control the growing immorality in the society.

Men are at the forefront of having illicit relationships but everyone falls behind in marrying these women

Lust and time pass. Don't play such a game with Adam's daughter

 Why don't you respect them? Is it a shame to marry them?

Why don't you feel ashamed when having an illicit relationship?


Married men and women with regrets and apologies are also engaged in having illicit relationships. Why don't you marry them then? I don't understand where we Muslims are going.

Change your thinking Islam is not narrow-minded. If you can do justice, then support such women.

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