The woman's cry عورت کی فریاد

The woman's cry عورت کی فریاد

My name is Sh. I am a resident of green town area of ​​Lahore. I am 35 years old at the moment. I am not married yet because it is the custom of our family to have a relationship outside the family. When the elders sit together, they proudly say that we have never had a relationship outside the family for seven generations.

I have reached the age of 35. So far I have not had any relationship with the family while many relationships have come with non-families but it is possible that my parents have said yes to anyone.

My heartfelt feelings sometimes go to such an extent that at night I scream and raise my head to the heavens and beat my beard and tell my parents that I am not able to make ends meet. Cause silence.

 I have become less and less a living corpse from within.

At weddings and ceremonies, when I see my classmates laughing and smiling with their husbands, my heart aches ... Or may God not give such educated and ignorant parents to anyone who will ruin the lives of their children by washing the sands of their family.

Sometimes it occurs to me to run away from home, blacken my face with someone and come back and stand in front of my parents. Now, perform the ritual of your seven backs well.

Sometimes I think of running away from home and telling someone to make me a wife, but then I think of what will happen to me if I fall into the hands of a bad person.

Even Maulvi Sahib of the mosque does not express my pain in his Friday sermon ...

O Maulvi Sahib, just listen !!!!! Only I know what happens to me last night when my father is holding his hand on the chest of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his brothers and sisters-in-law are coming to his room.


O ruler of time! Even so, listen, in the time of Farooq Azam, at night, when a woman recited these verses with pain, the meaning of which was as follows.

(Had it not been for the fear of God and the fear of reckoning on the Day of Resurrection, the corners of this bed would have been shaken tonight) (I mean, doing something with someone) Ordered that no husband should stay away from his wife for more than three months.


O ruler of time,

O my father,

 O Grand Mufti of my country,

 O Imam of the mosque in my neighborhood,

O Pir Sahib of my city, by whose hands should I seek such blood?

Who will understand my pain?

I am 35 years old but my father still has the same writ that I will never marry my daughter outside the family.


O God, bear witness that you have sent many good relationships for me, but my family members rejected those relationships themselves.

O people, tell me, no one should eat ready-made food and say, if it was in destiny, then he is mad or wise.

 May Allah bring pure food in the mouth too ???

Put this example in front of you and think that Allah sent good relationships for me and many others like me but the parents or some of them rejected it. Now they are saying that there was something like this in my destiny.

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