The Enemy Of The Jinn جنوں کا دشمن

The Enemy Of The Jinn جنوں کا دشمن

 An 80-year-old man has told us this story .. Listen to him .. Our name is Rehman. Our wife has passed away. That is why most of us spend time out of the house. We are happy in our world. We come at meal time. We eat food and give thanks to Allah. Our time is spent waiting for prayers. Most of us go to Asr prayers and then go home after Isha prayers. Time passes. After hearing the call to prayer, we run towards the prayer. Then we pass the time waiting for the next prayer. In the absence of the muezzin of the mosque, we often give the call to prayer. Once it happened that we got sick and could not go to the mosque for three or four days. When we came out of the house with great courage, the chips man asked where our uncle was. We did not see him for so many days. He said that he was not feeling hungry or thirsty as if he had lost his life. He was just passing by while sleeping. He had become very weak. The medicine was given to him by the children but it did not make any difference. The chips man looked at us carefully and after reading something he became silent and after a while he said that uncle has a naughty effect on you and that is what was bothering you ..... hey How did Jinn affect us? We got nervous. Then he asked. How can you say that Jinn has an effect on us? And how did it affect us? He became silent and after a while he said ... Uncle is saying that you were in his way so he is bothering you ... Hey do we know when we got in his way we are uncertain Replied in the manner of .. look uncle I will not be able to explain to you yes I will remove it from you now it will not bother you .... after saying this he read for a while and told us That it won't come now, don't worry..that night when we went to bed, my body was feeling lighter than before..but when it hit my eyes, someone shook our bed and shook us. He picked it up and heard that you had gone to our enemy. Four fat people were visible.

Four fat and horrible looking people were walking around our bed and were very angry. We had never seen such people before. It was very scary. We knew that the one with the chips had said the right thing. Whose mischief and these people who were such a powerful and terrifying man we had never seen in our lives, we were lying blindfolded, now the sleep had gone far away from us .. Shake our bed again. Why did he go to our enemy? He has imprisoned our man. Now you are not satisfied. He was getting angry. He was roaring. There was blood in his eyes. He had big hair, his upper body was open, he was dressed like an apron, his eyes were like red embers, we had seen him once, then he was lying down with his eyes closed, all his strength was gone from his body. He was as fat as a buffalo and was expressing his anger in an awkward manner. We were just praying for a quick morning. We had heard that when the giants harass someone, We run away after hearing the call to prayer. We call to prayer in the mosque ourselves, but where did we get the courage to call for prayers? We could see our old pots breaking today ... Once they went to sleep, but they were very unlucky. They immediately found out and shook their beds. God forbid, with the call to prayer in the morning, they all disappeared. No one looked around. There was no satisfaction. The same satisfaction soon caught my eye and we fell asleep. We woke up at 12 o'clock, but when we remembered the incident of the night, we all went to China in a hurry. After washing their hands, they had a light breakfast and went out. They were very restless. The one with chips used to come in the evening. We knew his house, but he used to work during the day. The meeting could have taken place only in the evening. That he knows how to deal with these jinns, he had told them that this is the mischief of the jinns, we were making fun of him in our hearts as to which factor is which.

We spent the whole day in great uneasiness. Nothing seemed good. An unknown fear had descended into our hearts and souls. The mustandas of the night would turn around in front of our eyes or God, how could this trouble have embraced us. It was evening and the chips man opened his shop. When he set up the shop, we went to him and told him the whole story of the night. He said, "No problem, uncle. This is not a big issue. They start their action by saying that they play their band. We have stopped all these mustands. Now, if they come, tell them our name and say it. The one with the chips will take your life and burn you to death. We sat next to him and sat for a long time even after Isha prayers. Now sitting next to him made us feel safe and our body felt lighter. Otherwise the whole body was aching since morning .. After eating dinner we stayed awake for a long time and when the sleep made us restless then in the name of Allah we went to bed and soon we fell asleep and then soon Get up too Today our whole room was full of big and small giants. Everyone was angry and kept talking.

They said, "Today we will kill you. When you were told not to go to our enemy, why did you go? He then took our people captive. He imprisoned our chief. Today is your death." The number was growing. Our ten-by-twelve room was filled with millions of people of all kinds. It seemed as if our room had expanded for miles, but today we He saw that they were not touching our bed as some force has prevented them from coming to us. The one with the chips said that it will kill you or he will not come near it now. But we did not want to talk to them. When there is a man who is confronting them, why should we say anything? We are lying in silence. Yes, sleep is gone now. The next moment the eye is open ....

As soon as we slept, their voices would open our eyes. They were innumerable. They were innumerable. They were in millions. But today we were satisfied. They were making noise. They were making noise. But we were lying down with contentment. Today it seemed to us that we are the emperor of a country and these people are our hypocrites and are celebrating around us. They kept crying and threatening us but to no avail. There was no effect. There was no fear today. We were calm inside and there was a storm outside. The spectacle continued till the morning call to prayer. After they left, we fell asleep. Gone and got up, washed her hands and face and said for breakfast ... Dad..Dad, what's the matter, you have been sleeping very late for two days, your health is fine, our daughter-in-law asked .. Yes, everything is fine, that's all. There is a slight pain in the body for two days due to which the eye is opening late in the morning. Due to cheapness, we asked her to satisfy her. Dad, have you taken any medicine for her? The daughter-in-law said sympathetically. Yes, medicine. I took it today and I will take it, then rest When we answered him, he was satisfied. In the evening, he told the chips man a spectacle of the night. He said, "Uncle, they all live in the form of a tribe. The whole tribe had arrived at night. No one will come after today." After that he studied for a long time. He felt good about us. He felt like the load had come down. He kept moving his hand in the air as if he was holding something. Then he turned his hand around our body and said, "Uncle, now it's done." Go away from today ... and we were convinced of it and we knew that he was telling the truth, all worries would go away ... after dinner we fell asleep early and when we opened our eyes So the call for Fajr was going on. No one came tonight and we will go to the mosque to give thanks to our Lord.

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