Punishment سزا

 Man has a hard heart. He doesn't cease from persecuting even the confused. The mother did likewise, however she failed to remember that a devotee can't be remorseless.

In the densely populated area of   Lahore, Aman lived with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson Sufyan. Mother's grandson Sufyan was a very good boy. He loved and cared for everyone, especially he loved animals as much as he loved animals. He loved animals as much as his grandmother hated animals.

One day Sufyan brought a very cute cat from somewhere. His grandfather made a lot of noise but Sufyan did not listen to any of them and kept the cat in his house.

Mom was always worried that the cat might fall asleep on my bed and not put its mouth in the pots because the cat was familiar to everyone in the house and would crawl into their bed. And she was a bad tempered woman and she was worried about getting the cat out of the house because she loved her grandson so much that she was tolerating him.

Then it happened that the cat disappeared for a few days and was nowhere to be seen, so the mother thanked him that he got rid of this trouble. One day, the mother was sobbing that light meowing sounds started coming in her ears. Mother immediately got up and sat down and started looking around.

When he looked around the room, he saw a cat sitting in a corner with its two-faced children. The mother became furious when she saw them.

"I had endured a cat. Now these two more troubles have come down. Now I will not bear them at home even for a day."

The mother picked up the stick and started beating the cat. The kittens started running here and there in fear. The mother did not realize that the cat was very sick and she was beating but she was not trying to run away or her children. Is running towards

The mother hit the cat so hard that she lay on the ground in agony and stared at the mother with sad eyes. Her voice was not even coming out. The mother put the two children in a shopping bag and stayed a short distance from her house. Leave in an empty house that was still under construction and uninhabited.

The cat had a high fever. She was not conscious of her children. After two or three days, her condition improved. She remembered her children and started looking for children all over the house. She went out into the street to look for children but the children said Not found

Exhausted in the evening, she entered her mother's house and sat in front of him. She stared at him with haunted eyes but remained silent at the thought of her grandson because her grandson was already very angry with her when the kittens were taken out. Look where my children are But even the mother did not know what kind of clay she was made of, so she did not feel any pity for the cat.

The cat began to meow loudly when it was too much for the children. The mother picked up the stick again and started beating the cat. When Sufyan saw this, he could not bear it. He snatched the stick from his grandmother's hand. He took it and said.

"Quit imparting these things and call the master first." , tears gushed in her eyes and she understood her slip-up, they won't allow him to remain here all things considered."

Punishment سزا

Just two days after the incident, my mother had a stroke. When Sufyan's mother got up in the morning to make breakfast, she heard her strange voices coming from her mother-in-law's room. She ran to her room. I saw that Aman was lying on the crooked ground. One side of her was paralyzed. She was repeatedly raising her head but could not get up. So Sufyan also came into the room.

Together they picked up Aman and laid him on the bed. Sufyan said to his mother John.

"It's a punishment for killing a cat," said Sufyan's mother. Realizing this, she started crying and started apologizing to Allah Almighty in her heart.

"The feline was languishing over its kids. Sufyan pledged in his heart that He will discover and bring the cats.

He went out of the house to look for the kittens in different places. At last he saw the kitten jumping on an empty plot. He went there and saw that one of the kittens was dead and was lying there while the other was his. Meowing around, he was looking for his mother here and there.

Sufyan brought the kitten home. As soon as the cat saw her kitten, she started meowing loudly and started kissing her baby and expressing her love.

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