ایک غلط سوچ One Wrong Thought


ایک غلط سوچ One Wrong Thought

* Sweeping after Asr is prohibited * 

* One thing that is well known among the individuals is that: 

* It isn't right to wipe the shrubberies at night 

انا Sweeping or cleaning after Asr is prohibited in Islam 

* Sweeping after nightfall brings misfortune 

بعد Sweeping in the yard or inside the house after Asr or before Maghrib will make shortage and will lessen the arrangement 

* Sweeping after Maghrib Adhan will begin starvation in the house 

* This is an off-base reasoning * 

* Original: - * 

The idea of not clearing at night has come absolutely from Hindus, see: 

* یدہ First Belief: * 

Since as per Hindu Dharma, the night time is for the appearance of Goddess Lakshmi, clearing after dusk makes "Goddess Lakshmi" furious and she doesn't return home. Which carries setback to the family. 

* ☆ Belief II: * 

At night, when Goddess Lakshmi has gone to the house and the puja pot has been finished, it is prohibited to clear from that point onward, since, in such a case that the brush is applied around then, Goddess Lakshmi will take off from the house, which implies Hindu Dharma convictions. As indicated by him, Lakshmi signifies "abundance" and assets are required to be lost from the house. 

* ☆ Third Belief: * 

Clearing the house ought to be finished during the day. Clearing at night or around evening time goes into the house with "negative impacts" or "insidious powers", so nobody is permitted to clear at night. 

* Additional: - * 

In the days of yore, when there was no power and lights were lit, the seniors used to state, "Don't clear after dusk, on the grounds that there is a dread that something important, including the brush, will be lost or lost because of dimness." But as indicated by the * Hindu conviction * Lakshmi (riches) leaves the brush. It additionally has a Dharma conviction from another view, that Goddess Lakshmi will blow up and leave, perhaps this goddess disapproves of residue. 

* The significance of the hadith of the Prophet is: * 

(Neatness is half confidence) 

Accordingly, regardless of whether it is morning or night, night or day, it ought to be done at whatever point cleaning is required. This is the aim of Islam. 

* ⬤ Word Acquisition: - * 

It worked out that the above conviction is un-Islamic and Muslims should forgo holding such convictions. Since the lessons of such convictions have come from the Hindus among the Muslims of the subcontinent, it would be wrong to think so. May Allah shield us all from un-Islamic convictions and guide us not to give such convictions to our people in the future. ۔ Amen!

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