غلط فہمی Misunderstanding

غلط فہمی Misunderstanding

 Dude, you can't kill me like that. Please listen to me. If I am guilty, then kill me. He saw the pistol in his friend's hand and said in a panicked tone, but he did not listen to one and shot him dead. Given

Ahmed Bhai, I had to work with you. I have to order some things from the shop for college. Please bring them. Please bring me a good cloak. Please tell me what to bring. Radha gave a slip of money and goods to Ahmed.

Rada was Faisal's younger sister. If Rada had to ask for something from the market, she would have told Faisal first, but she always turned away under the pretext of some work, but what about Ahmed who used to do all Rada's work? At the same time, because of being at home, they used to come and go to each other's houses.

The body of a young boy was lying in the hospital. The heirs were sitting and crying. The police were waiting for the post-mortem report so that they could start the investigation. theheirs. The investigation began. heirs. 

Faisal had been worried for a few days. Despite Ahmed asking him several times, he did not say anything but got entangled with him and angrily stopped him from coming to his house. Ahmed was very saddened by his behavior He must have said that because of some problem. I will talk to him sometime.

Ahmed, nowadays you are having fun. Dude, the girl who doesn't give grass to anyone, you have to come and go to her house. It's fun. So, in the ground, her friend Chand made a mischievous voice. It's not bad. Are you going to be sold? Ahmed said angrily, "You're having fun. We're going to sell you." Chand spoke arrogantly. "If your gesture is towards Faisal's house, beware. Ahmed of all of them understood this gesture and spoke angrily. Now we don't even speak the truth. Wow, this is not the time for truth. Raju sat next to him. Ahmed heard his nonsense and started arguing with him. Aa ended the fight.

When Faisal found out about Ahmed's quarrel, he went to him and asked the reason for the quarrel. Ahmed said that they were talking nonsense so there was a quarrel. When he found out the real reason for the quarrel with other boys, he was also angry. Came so he forbade Ahmed to come to his house and stayed away from Ahmed. Ahmed was passing in front of their house one day when Rada saw him and he asked Ahmed to bring his college supplies. When Ahmed went to deliver the goods to his house, Chand and some other boys saw Ahmed talking to Rada at his door. They started looking for Faisal. When he found them, they told him that today Ahmed He was talking to your sister. He angrily took out a pistol from the house and went to Ahmed. He took him to the fields and without saying a word, he killed him and ran away. The police interrogated him and found out that Faisal had killed Ahmed. Chand people told the police that Ahmed had an affair with Faisal's sister so he killed her. When the police asked Rada about it, Rida cried and swore that Ahmed bhai me. Faisal Bha I used to call her younger sister like E and call her brother. I also used to call her brother. We never thought like that.

After Faisal was killed, he was still missing. The police were looking for him but failed to find him. Finally, the police arrested his father and told the family members that you can take Faisal to the police station and take him away. The people of Rada were already worried about the murder of Ahmed and the disappearance of Faisal. They will be more frightened by this calamity. Now Rada, his two younger sisters and his mother had left the house. Was

One day Chand and Raju went to the river and found Faisal there. They told him that the police searched for you but did not find you so they will catch your father. Your family is very upset. Now hand yourself over to the police. Do and release your father. Faisal was very upset when he heard about the situation in his house. Without saying anything, he handed himself over to the police station Pooncha and hugged his father and started crying. His father consoled him and He came home. Faisal's father from Poonch had a heart attack due to the trauma of his son's separation. On his way to the hospital, he died forever.

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