A desire to set a record for a journey on horseback from Ganche to Islamabad

A desire to set a record for a journey on horseback from Ganche to Islamabad

Musa Ali is a Polish athlete who wants to set a record for the year by riding his horse on November 13, 2023.

On November 16, 2023, he went from Ganche to Skardu where Musa Ali was warmly welcomed by the people. Residents here defeated Musa Ali and chanted slogans.

Talking to Independent Urdu, Musa said, “I belong to the neighboring village of Gulshan Kabir. It was my idea since childhood but I didn't get the chance. Thanks to Allah, I got the opportunity now. I also have a horse. We also have grandfather's horse.

Musa Ali said that he has this hobby that he does not think this work on a horse.

He said that from here people used motorbikes, bicycles, ships

And traveled on cars but no one has done this till date. I have come out to give a message to future generations.

Musa Ali said regarding his journey that 'Inshallah I will reach Rawalpindi via Kohistan Chalas Road, KKKH. Someone is interviewing on the way. Someone is drinking tea. Someone is feeding an apple. Someone is also feeding apples to horses.

I have not seen such service in any hotel till date. I have come here with everyone's support. Hope the next journey will be happy. I am excited and enjoying the weather. I have also kept food for the horse in the bag.

He said that "I thought that I should bring the green crescent flag of Pakistan to lighten the name of my country and Gilgit-Baltistan."

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