The psychology of girls

The psychology of girls
When men try to understand women and they do nothing - this is normal, we don't need to understand their high ideals. But how to understand yourself, how to determine the goals of the same "distinction" - this is the subject of productive reasoning. Let's try to understand the psychology of girls and learn to answer yourself "why?"
in love
Have you ever felt like you were falling in love and didn't know you were in love? Has it ever happened that you lost someone you really loved, just because they didn't do you a favor in time? All this is a woman's mind, which destroys us. The psychology of girls in love, sadness or happiness, to prevent the presence of any thoughts, all forces do not involve looking at violent feelings, unsolicited words. Let's determine how you love:
1. Your potential girlfriend gives you flowers, candy and plush toys in return.
All accept with admiration, to take it - you are not yet in love, but only allow yourself to be loved;
Try to please something else in response - carefully listen to your words and stories and give gifts "in the subject" - you are really in love or very generous.
Take this action:

Offer to call and present yourself - perhaps this is a sign of the psychology of a girl in love.
Look at urgent matters immediately, closing meetings for later - no comments required;
Planning in love, you will begin to remember conversations about how it would be good to go there, then see something, go there, and so on;
You are interested - express interest in topics that you have not previously occupied, when "he" tells you about them.
Body language
In addition to the psychology of girls' behavior, there is also body language, which is very pleasant, if you look closely.
Sign of love in body language:
Open posture - legs slightly apart, arms free (not crossed), torso spread;
A look benign, constantly set on it to understand in love with you;
You feel how a crazy, unusual energy comes from your body.
To participate
A separate subject to reason and study is the psychology of girls after taking part. Do you feel emotional, happy after the celebration?
Of course, you cry into the pillow, complain to friends, but inside you have a feeling of freedom, emotional feeling. You finally got rid of the relationship that made you grow up.
If the woman is happy after the break, started by herself, it is normal. You were morally ready for it, with your ex you have already met almost no one is good. Relief is a normal reaction to getting rid of unnecessary things.
But in the case of a sudden rejection by your partner - the freedom and independence of happiness speaks about some aspects of your psychology. It usually happens to women who were not lucky with their parents during their childhood. A strict father, afraid of a little girl, became an inspiration to create his own world, where there is no one. Thanks for your cooperation
Then say that you are self-destructing your relationship, staying inside in the blissful hope of an impending breakup. Such a reaction, most likely, will be discussed with a psychologist. But do not despair: for many sessions of psychology, you will remove the block of childhood injuries and you will start your new relationship with the male sex from a clean slate.
Even women's behavior cannot be explained by themselves. You know this perfectly yourself. Can men be blamed for the misunderstanding in this matter, and thus, to end the nuts in your relationship?

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