Success comes from hard work or luck?

Success comes from hard work or luck?
Success is not just an exemplary skill in achieving, mastery of many arts and skills, strength of belief or extreme competition runners who miss our mark, intelligence, risk taking, hard work. I am not.
Listen and know that we are the products of carbon life, we have different forms of carbon coal and diamond. The main thing that turns a decaying carbon-based life like plants into coal, the same way that turns carbon into a sparkling diamond, is pressure!

Similarly, the constant pressure, tension and stress of people and society that we face every day should be used to make ourselves a diamond. Because we humans are also the product of carbon life.
What is success? Let's see it first!

First of all, realize that success is not about becoming Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Get this crude idea out of your mind! What I noticed during my recent visit to America is that everyone wants to be Mark or Gates or Bezos. They are just a few of the 7.7 billion people.

Success is if you can read, study, write well, think well and think well, be part of only 10 million unique people out of 7.7 billion people who share humanity with their few words every day. contribute to the culture of the company, and it pays off and materializes when you are able to lead a team or group of people with special characteristics.
How can you succeed if you don't add a word to the collective wisdom of humanity?

In this unique and unique universe of ours, how to completely waste this distinguished and unique emotional status, which is unparalleled in this universe? Tell me why are you sitting quietly? Why are you a silent troll? Know that this is the real failure;

It is your complete lamb-like silence that leads first to anger and then to intense jealousy that leads to self-destruction. Have you left the door open for success to enter? How can it be that you all close the doors and then expect nirvana and success?
The main and essential element of success is that you create Lady Luck by yourself using your creativity, your individuality, positive holistic thinking, your ability to explore and a critical mind.

One thing to remember is that Lady Luck (Goddess of Fortune) comes to every human being at some point in their life and if she knocks on your door and finds you sleeping then you would have lost that golden opportunity. Are forever! The goddess of fortune is not always kind to man!

You are the creator of your own destiny by being dynamic and passionate and going above and beyond others. Look around you and see who your friends and circle of friends are around you will determine your future and your growth. When you fly into the wrong cluster, know your work is done!
You are not born with your destiny but you create it yourself. What and how do we work on ourselves and on ourselves so that we can be successful?

1. Talent, skill, determination, persistence all these slowly climb you up the ladder of success.

The ladder of success requires two pillars. These two pillars grow out of your own habits and actions such as your humility and inflexible knowledge and wisdom, moderate views and outlook, initiative to reach out to people, you will be lucky to be liked by people. For that, you have to adopt the habits of humility and humility, reconciliation, initiative. If you have a You are very haughty and arrogant and you always have an air of pride inside you and you know and despise others, then this will never happen.
Humility, reluctance and moderation are the first steps on the road to success.

2. It is the constant and constant efforts in your life that give you an opportunity to think outside the box and then you go ahead and start meeting and knowing more people. Don't sit in isolation of your self, but search and go ahead and meet intelligent people. Don't waste your precious time in futile arguments, anger and doing bad things to people. Look around you if you don't have some smart and successful people around you then you can never break the glass ceiling and climb up. Don't waste a single moment with a person who tries to impress you by flaunting his wealth. By showing wealth and wealth, one is usually trapped, which is the most useless and useless thing. Always be inspired by intelligence and wisdom and cultivate your cultural literacy through social interaction.

The more useful people you meet, the better your chances are that one of them will share or teach you a trick or trick that will give you a breakthrough.

Meeting the right people. Mutually meaningful interactions and discussions with them is the next step.

All my projects come from team building and meeting new people, making sure you are learning from each other when you meet each other and meeting the right person at the right time is very important. Every person you meet knows something, information or a skill that you don't. A five-year-old child living in China, believe me Can teach Drian (Chinese language). Life is not just about you, it's so vast and inclusive and let other people join it, meet them, prove to everyone you meet that you are sincere with them and that you give them your full attention. can give Do not crowd around or encourage it. Choose and focus on the right and good, intelligent minds. Just a few nice people!

"Six Degrees of Separation" is an idea that I often promote and recommend to everyone, the 6 person social circle (social circle) called the 6 handshake is the rule that any two people are more A "friend-of-friend" chain can be created to connect in more than six steps. At any one time you should have no more than six people out of the 7.7 billion people on earth. 4 is better!

3. Once the door to your mind and your home is open, expand your horizons.

Learn the cultural literacy of the most successful people, how they build their personalities, what you need to know. Try to adopt their habits and mannerisms. Learned languages. Do not do bad things behind people's backs.

Always talk about ideas and not about people. Successful people always discuss ideas and not personalities, you need to know the "game" besides cricket! You also need to go beyond a book and read books, choose ten of the best writers of the East and West and read their books, learn from them, learn new languages online, connect with the minds and geniuses around you. Learn beautiful words and phrases "one liners" to draw and attract people, learn the word 'if' by heart, keep building and sharpening your wisdom and skills and adding new tricks and skills to your portfolio. Keep adding. .

4. Start giving more and do charity. Giving more creates positive emotions. Be generous, don't be the owner of small hearts and small thoughts, expand your thinking, don't keep limited thinking!

5. And last but not least, get yourself off the high horse of unnecessary pride, false pride, your personal appearance and your worship. You may get rejected but those rejections and rejections will teach you the right way and method for next time how to get it right.

There is a deep wisdom hidden in being rejected and rejected. Being rejected creates in you the feeling that one day I will definitely prove you guys wrong when you cannot reject and reject me.

Whenever something comes my way that I am completely rejected and I fight with such people

Or do not fight but dare more and try harder to achieve it. Rejection and being rejected is an adversary that can help you fly high if you look at it positively.

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