Aging with good books اچھی کتابوں سے عمر میں اضافہ

Aging with good books اچھی کتابوں سے عمر میں اضافہ
* According to a study, people who read books are two years older than people who don't read books .... People who spend three hours a day reading books are more likely to die. The rate is reduced by 17%, while those who read books for three and a half hours a day are reduced by 23%. *
* Reading books activates some parts of the brain and the body's nervous system begins to work better ..... The research supervisor said that the importance and usefulness of the study can not be denied ..... Evaluate this by the fact that if a person reads a good book continuously for even ten minutes, his whole attention is focused on the book, thus he forgets his worldly worries and his mental stress. I decrease.
Crime and punishment
Aging with good books اچھی کتابوں سے عمر میں اضافہ

The translation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The City of Horizons is available under the title "Crime and Punishment". Crime and punishment are among the greatest novels in the world. The novel is about nineteenth-century Russia. It reflects the major social upheaval and moral devastation of this era. All the sufferings, pains and wounds of the times are covered in the novel.
Why nations fail
Deron Asim Oglu. James Robinson
Mr. Jim: Prof. Maqbool Elahi
Why do nations at the same time and at the same time succeed? And why fail? This question is pondered by our economists, sociologists and sociologists. The book analyzes this question, examines the political and economic situation in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia, and uses statistics to show which countries and nations have succeeded. Why did it happen, and what is the reason for the nations that failed? And what kind of changes in their political system are needed for the failing nations to set the stage for development?

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