The secret of a happy married life خوشگوار ازدواجی زندگی کا راز

The secret of a happy married life خوشگوار ازدواجی زندگی کا راز

A journalist as a couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary

Delivered his interview.

That pair is their best and happiest

He was famous for his married life

In their 25 years of marriage, the couple did not have a single quarrel.

People were anxious to know the secret of their loving marriage .....

The husband said:

Shortly after our wedding, we went to a mountainous area to celebrate our honeymoon.

There we made a horse riding program

My horse was fine

But my wife's horse was a little fussy.

He ran and suddenly dropped my wife.

My wife got up and lovingly turned her hand on the horse's back and said:

"This is the first time."

And then ride on it

Done. After walking a short distance, the horse dropped it again.

 The wife said to the horse again:

"This is the second time."

And then got on it.

But after going a little farther, the horse dropped him again.

This time my wife quietly opened her purse, pulled out a pistol, and shot the horse

I got very angry and shouted, "What did you do?" Are you crazy My wife looked at me very lovingly and said these four words very humbly

"This is the first time."

Just that day and today is the day that every day of my life passes with the same happy feeling that I am alive

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