خدا_کسی_کو_اتنا_مجبور_نہ_کرے God Does Not Force Anyone To Do So Much

خدا_کسی_کو_اتنا_مجبور_نہ_کرے God Does Not Force Anyone To Do So Much

 We used to eat dinner out often because all the friends are sitting in a restaurant nearby to gossip together for a little refreshment at night after brainstorming with the customers in the shops all day. .

As usual on that day we were going back to eat. It was about midnight. It was very cold. As soon as the car came on the main road, we had just covered a distance of a few kilometers when suddenly an old man came. He raised his hand and signaled to stop. We all got upset when we saw who this old man was pointing at us. A friend said, "Don't stop the car. Only the returnees pull out at this time, but everyone else said old man." What can he do? He is not wearing a chard or a jacket on top of it. We thought that it could be a big compulsion. Well, we stopped the car a long way ahead. The road was very deserted. We prepared ourselves to listen to this old man because the circumstances were such that no one was ready to stop us at that time. We did not know that we could not stop ourselves even if we wanted to. They were all walking towards the old man when suddenly he was leaning against a tree and waiting for someone to stop him. As soon as we went to him, a smile appeared on his face. We also smiled when we saw him. Hello. Didn't it look like he was a robber when he saw his age? A companion asked, "Babaji, what are you doing in the harsh cold as of now?" I have not eaten anything since I am eager I am a worker I have not gotten anything today I have nothing to eat I have no cash I will scarcely live the evening however my better half can't tolerate hungering I have a house close to my significant other I have been stating that I will carry something to eat. I have been staying here for quite a while and nobody is prepared to help. Then I pointed to your car and said that it might be stopped. The friend ran out of the car, brought a sheet and covered them. At that point he asked them, "Who else is in the house, the person who eats?" They said, "Son, we are two husband and wife, and no one but Allah. He reassured them, Baba ji, don't worry, we are like his sons too. Hearing this, the old man's eyes filled with tears. Then he prayed a lot and then we put him in the car. He brought some food to the restaurant and packed it. He took the old man to his house. He knocked on the door. A very old mother opened the door from inside. She was a little surprised to see us. Then the old man said, "Don't worry, they are like our sons." When we signaled to come in, we went inside. The old man gave the food to his wife. They were preparing food by putting a chard c on the ground. So long as the utensils etc. came, they also put food. They also joined us to eat. We said to him, "You are the food. We have come to eat. They both finished eating. They both prayed a lot together. We were all so happy to see this whole affair that we may have seen it before." Then we had to go back because the night was over. On the way back, all the friends were thanking Allah for giving us the opportunity to do this little good out of so many people.

Even now, whenever there is an agreement, we go together and take something with us.

They are very happy. I am sharing this happiness with you today.

It is not a matter of sharing happiness, it is a matter of some white-clad people who do not like to beg even if they want to, but they are compelled and cannot stay because they also have stomachs and feel hungry. That is why I did not write this. As for what we did or did not do, I am watching. The purpose of the talk is to make you happy. Believe me, there is a lot of peace. God willing, now the month of Ramadan has begun and the situation is in front of everyone. It is in your eyes to be able to have a good fast and break the fast. Allah Almighty makes someone a means.

If I feel bad about something, I apologize. If someone is hurt, I will still remember in my prayers. Allah has made things easy for all of us. Amen.

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