مرد کو درد نہیں ہوتا؟؟ Doesn't it hurt a man ??

مرد کو درد نہیں ہوتا؟؟ Doesn't it hurt a man ??

1. There was a thump on the entryway in the first part of the day. He got up from the bed and opened the entryway. His oldest little girl was remaining before him with her two kids. "Hello Ayesha, would you say you are there now? Where is Naaman? Didn't you come to leave?" 

"They've separated from me, Dad." The stammering voice in his ears for a couple of seconds appeared to overpower him. He embraced his little girl. Rather than asking anything, he defeated the shaking of his voice and said, "Baba is as yet alive. My kids, Baba is as yet alive." 

The separation of the youthful little girl had crushed the spirit of these downpour seniors however they concealed their tears from their little girl and began comforting her. 

2. At the same time, he continued contemplating how to get his significant other terminated. Eid had arrived. The pocket was unfilled. It is obscure right now what he will do subsequent to leaving the post. He arrived at home in a difficult situation. "It is safe to say that you are coming? You will be drained. Unwind. At that point we will go out on the town to shop at night. There are a couple of days left from Eid." 

This one sentence crushed all the sentences he had decided as far as possible. 

A grin showed up all over 

"Truly, why not. Prepare at night." 

And afterward another concern occupied the psyche. From whom would it be advisable for me to acquire now? ۔ 

3. It was early afternoon. He went directly to his room when he got back from work because of outrageous warmth. All of a sudden the entryway hammered shut. At the point when he opened the entryway, his little girl was remaining before him. Hands and feet were swollen. Eyes loaded up with water and winded. Her heart beat 

"What befell my princess? Did anybody say anything?" 

"Father, he was in the road ... I was returning from school. So ... a few young men fell behind me in the road. 

When he heard that, his face turned red with outrage. He ran outside. There was nobody in the road. He returned. He watered his little girl and from that day till today he, at the end of the day, leaves school prior to going to work and brings her back all alone. 

4. My companion's significant other had an activity. While in transit to the clinic, he continued pondering how he had overseen a particularly huge amount of cash for the activity. At the point when he arrived at the clinic, he was lying on a seat on one side. Me briefly 

Maybe the activity had occurred. At the point when I drew closer, he made me extremely wiped out. He had his hands on one side of his stomach. 

"What's wrong, man? It is safe to say that you are okay?" 

He grinned strongly 

"Indeed i'm fine" 

At that point, I shivered at the idea. I asked him dubiously 

"Where did the cash come from? Some place you ..." 

"Truly, I sold a kidney. Is there anything over a spouse?" 

We frequently consider the to be type of man as a despot and indecent. However, we fail to remember that there are numerous different types of man. He is likewise the defender of the lady as father, child, sibling and spouse. 

Albeit in our general public because of obliviousness just men have all the rights. 

The man overwhelms. 

Respects are undependable. 

However, those men are additionally present in a similar society 

The individuals who keep themselves in the sun and cast shadows on the ladies of their home

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