پیاری بیوی Dear Wife

پیاری بیوی Dear Wife

It must have been about two and a half o'clock in the morning when the wife woke her husband up

That's what happened! The husband asked nervously

So the wife, in fear, signaled to speak softly and whispered

Someone is at home

The husband said looking at his wife very angrily

Yes yes you are i

You woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me this

The wife gritted her teeth

The enemy of reason is someone other than us. There is a commotion in the kitchen

Err, man, there must be a cat. The kitchen window must have been left open

The wife said looking at her husband with devouring eyes

There is a limit to carelessness. Go and run away from the cat. Closing the window will definitely ruin my sleep.

The wife went back to bed and the husband opened the door of the poor room and went out

But what!

In the lounge, two men were searching for a pistol

Frightened, the husband screamed and the two thieves jumped and clung to each other

چچچچچ چورررررر

When the husband shouted so loudly, the thieves got some encouragement that they are the cause of terror

In the meantime, his wife's voice came from the room

Anything you do properly is so noisy in chasing a cat. Bring it here. I'll see.

Begum rolled up her sleeves and when she came to the lounge, she almost fainted.

The husband took care of Bhag's wife

For half an hour, the husband and the thief kept trying to bring her back to consciousness

When the wife took over the sofa after regaining consciousness, all the work had to be done by the thieves and the husband. Sometimes water, sometimes juice, sometimes milk, but the heart was not coming in handling.

When the thieves went out of bounds, a thief pulled a pistol on her husband

Oh brother, she is your wife, so be proud, you are the one who spoiled her by doing her work, now she is also considering us as her father's servant, if she doesn't come to her senses now, I will blow up your messenger.

The husband's wide eyes widened further and he approached his wife and spoke innocently

Get up, Johnny, get as much work as you want after they leave. Get up now, otherwise you will become a widow. And you know, another husband is not a servant like me. Nowadays, good husbands are hard to find.

As soon as the wife heard this, she opened her eyes and said in a nervous tone, "You are right."

The thief who saw his wife regaining consciousness immediately came to his rescue

Please tell, where is the key to the safe?

Wealth ! The wife looked at her husband and spoke

Mmmmmmmm, we don't have lentils in our house

Whenever you order pizza, biryani, chinese every two days

A thief shook hands and spoke

Yes, yes, he said no

The woman spoke very cleverly

Abe drank it for an hour in a coma. Now drink it for an hour. It will make us faint. She is in the habit of looking at her husband's condition. How the second thief said angrily. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally

Let's get up now and do it with our husbands later

The thief said pointing the pistol at the woman

The woman barely got up from the sofa and entered the room, followed by her husband and the two thieves.

The woman looked at the weeping thieves and said

Hey, this guy earns just enough for us to eat and drink. I've only made three suits this month.

In one month, a thief in three suits looked at the woman in surprise and said that she was still crying

Cursed be your life, O man. Another thief shook the woman's husband

How can Abe tolerate such an ungrateful wife?

The wife looked at the thieves with devouring eyes and spoke

Don't gossip, be a thief, steal, don't be my mother-in-law

Well, tell me quickly where the goods are kept, a thief asked while finishing his speech

Frankly, I have a lot of clothes, shoes and artificial jewelry, not gold

Abe, if you end the matter of killing him and nothing else, then this oppressed man will be saved from it

The second thief became emotional

The woman was a little frightened and spoke nervously

There are two things: a pair of gold earrings, a ring and a pair of tops.

Give it to me, my mother. We have never committed such a long theft

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Wow, she was unpolished and was in the clothes shopper and that shopper is in the closet

The woman quickly saved her life by speaking and went to the corner of the bed and sat down

The thieves saw the closet. The three door closet looked very beautiful

A thief looked at the woman and asked which of them was your closet

All three of them belong to him

The thief patted his head and said, "Tell me, where is the gold in the cupboard?"

Wow, I don't remember what shopper he was in and what closet he's in.

The thieves looked at each other and said it was four o'clock at night and now let's look at these three cupboards.

Abe, we have come to rob or not

And how come he is alive with such a woman, so proud of such a stupid woman?

A thief spoke angrily to the woman's husband

The husband sat in a corner of the dugout

A thief wasted no time in opening a closet door and his clothes fell on him.

What was in the closet? There was a container. There were so many clothes. So many shopper thieves made so many mistakes.

In the meantime, the woman kept taking out her lost and incomplete clothes

He had been missing for over a year

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