Katpana Desert Cold Desert, Skardu

Katpana Desert Cold Desert, Skardu

One of the most beautiful scenery of nature, known as Katpana Desert which dazzles every eye. Every shining armor of the desert shows man a beautiful masterpiece of the system of nature and a charming scene. It is a unique desert which gives a feeling of coolness even in summer. Due to lack of facilities for a long time, this desert has remained a desert but now the interest of tourists has given a boost to this desert. Build a hotel for convenience. These hotels are of such a standard that people with tourist tastes from other countries besides Pakistan come here in droves to enjoy this beautiful scenery. Among the salient features of these hotels. One is that it feels warm despite the freezing cold of winter, while the desert does not feel warm in summer because it is cold. Due to severe cold, snow and dilapidated roads in winter. Reduces tourist arrivals.

In contrast, the beauty of the desert and the natural scenery here in summer is made more attractive by the influx of tourists.

Behind the hotel built in the desert, one can see the beautiful view of Katpana Lake. In this lake, colorful fish, ducks and other chirping birds, the quiet and serene atmosphere soothes the heart, mind and soul of man.

Seeing these natural landscapes, man forgets the sorrows and worries of the world and gets lost in a silent environment. The water of this lake is the only source of water used in the lands of the local village Katpana and Arangah. One of the sources of water in this lake is the water of Sadpara Lake which is conveyed to this lake through a canal. There are springs that do not allow the water of this lake to run out. This is the reason why water remains in this lake year after year, which enhances the beauty of this cool desert.

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